iPhone 17 Pro Max Rumored to Have 48MP Telephoto Lens and Spatial Video Capabilities for Vision Pro Headset

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Despite the recent release of iPhone 15 models, speculations about the iPhone 17 Pro Max have emerged, signaling Apple’s forward-looking approach.

The iPhone 17 Pro Max leak came from analyst Jeff Pu, who specializes in companies within Apple’s supply chain.

Pu suggests that the upcoming iPhone 17 Pro Max is likely to feature an upgraded 48MP telephoto lens, which is expected to be optimized specifically for use with Apple upcoming Vision Pro headset.

The iPhone 17 Pro Max might continue the trend of spatial video capabilities initiated with the iPhone 15 Pro models.

Spatial Video

The iPhone 15 Pro’s main and ultra-wide lenses collaborate to capture spatial video with enhanced depth when held in landscape orientation.

48MP Telephoto Lens

The research note from Pu lacks specific details regarding the functionality and interface of the 48MP telephoto lens, leaving room for speculation about its capabilities.

However, Pu notes that the enhanced telephoto lens is expected to offer better zoom performance, improved low-light photography, and higher resolution images.

The 48MP telephoto lens is also expected to work seamlessly with the Vision Pro headset, providing a more realistic and immersive spatial video experience.

If the predictions hold true, the iPhone 17 Pro Max could become the first iPhone model to adopt an entire rear camera system featuring 48MP lenses, promising higher imaging quality.

Rear Cameras

The iPhone 17 Pro Max could also feature other camera enhancements, such as a periscope lens, a LiDAR scanner, and a larger sensor-shift stabilization.

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