Apple introduces Offline Browsing with iOS 17.5 News App: News+ Subscribers- Customizable Reading Experience


Apple is revolutionizing the way we consume news with the release of iOS 17.5, it brings a game-changing feature to its News app - Offline Browsing!

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No Internet?  No Problem!

Gone are the days when you needed an internet connection to browse your favorite news.

Your News, Your Way

Customize your offline reading experience. Choose what you want to download - Recent Stories, puzzles to Audio Stories.

According to, during testing of the iOS 17.5 beta, the News app was able to provide a significant number of offline articles, even without an internet connection.

This feature is especially beneficial for News+ subscribers, allowing them to browse the Today and News+ tabs of the News app even when offline.

Automatic Downloads

You can toggle each content type on and off according to your preferences, so the News app only downloads what you want.

However, the efficiency of iOS downloading articles as you go for constant reading may vary. Experience the future of news consumption with iOS 17.5.

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