OnePlus 12 display is a game-changer with its 4500 nits brightness and single-pixel color accuracy, according to leaked images

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OnePlus 12, the upcoming flagship phone from OnePlus, will sport a stunning 6.82-inch 8T LTPO OLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 3168 px, according to tipster DigitalChatStation.

The tipster shared real-life images of the OnePlus 12 on Weibo, revealing the design and capabilities of its BOE X1 display.

The display boasts an industry-leading peak brightness of 4500 nits in auto mode and 1722 nits in manual mode, ensuring optimal visibility in any lighting condition.

The display also has an average JNCD value of 0.35, indicating high color accuracy. It has received an A+ certification from DisplayMate, a leading authority in display quality evaluation.

The OnePlus 12 features Oppo’s P1 display chip, which enhances the viewing experience with 2,160Hz PWM dimming, reducing eye strain and improving comfort.

The display incorporates single-pixel calibrating technology, which adjusts the color precision at the individual pixel level, resulting in exceptional visual quality.

OnePlus 12 

The OnePlus 12 launch for China approaches, and more leaks and details are likely to emerge online. Stay tuned for more updates on the OnePlus 12.

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