How to easily fix the screen tint issue on your Pixel 8 Pro while Google is working on a permanent solution.

Story by: fdaytalk

Google Pixel 8 Pro users have reported color-tinting issues on the Always On display with colors like orange, yellow, green, and pink appearing, especially in dark rooms.

Some users experienced this problem when the brightness was set low and the refresh rate dropped to 1Hz after being locked.

AOD Tint

The issue has been observed on both the new Android 14 release and the QPR1 Beta version of Android 14. As of now, it is unclear whether it’s a hardware or software problem.

Some Pixel 8 Pro owners have reported similar problems, with variations in the tint issue, potentially due to the phone’s use of an AMOLED panel without 100% grayscale uniformity.

Google has acknowledged the issue and marked it as “fixed” in the Android IssueTracker thread, with a software patch expected to address the problem in a future Android release.

In the meantime, affected users can temporarily resolve the issue by forcing the Always On display to operate at a 120Hz refresh rate.

Fix it

The Pixel 8 Pro has also encountered another issue related to Android 14, preventing users from accessing storage when multiple users are present on the device.

Google has acknowledged the ‘access to storage’ issue but hasn’t provided a specific timeline for a fix.

The tinted OLED display issue is not the most severe problem, and other phones have faced similar display issues. Hopefully, Google will fix it with a future update.