Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Feature Drop: Circle to Search, Magic Compose, Temperature Sensor, and More

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Google has unveiled its initial Pixel feature drop for the year, introducing a range of exciting features for Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, as well as smartwatches, and tablets.

Circle to Search Confirmed

The eagerly anticipated "Circle to Search" feature, initially revealed during Galaxy S24 launch, is officially confirmed to roll out to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro from Jan 31.

Circle to search

Users can perform on-screen searches by circling, scribbling, or highlighting information without leaving their current screen.

Magic Compose in Google Messages

This feature offers generative AI responses based on conversation context and also allows users to select different writing styles, tones and occasions.

Temperature Sensor Upgrade

Pixel 8 Pro's temperature sensor now provides FDA-approved medical-grade body temperature measurements and data can be saved to a FitBit user profile.

Photomoji Reaction Stickers

New Photomoji feature in Google Messages lets users create personalized reaction stickers from their photos, adds a creative and personalized touch to messaging.

Quick Share Replaces Nearby

Nearby Share is now Quick Share, rebranded and compatible with any Android 6 and up phone for efficient file sharing.

Seamless Audio Switching

Now all Pixel phones, Watch, and tablets are set to benefit from seamless audio switching- seamless transition between different paired devices with Pixel Buds Pro.

Generative AI with Magic Compose

Magic Compose in Google Messages now to utilizes generative AI for intelligent responses, offering a range of writing styles for users.

Enhanced User Experience

The latest Pixel feature drop aims to enhance the overall user experience across Google devices with innovative and diverse functionalities.

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