Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Google first-generation Pixel Watch: A Detailed Comparison

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Are you confused about whether to upgrade to Google Pixel Watch 2 or not? Check out a detailed comparison between the Google Pixel Watch 2 and the first-generation Pixel Watch to help you decide.

Pixel Watch 2 is Google’s latest smartwatch, launched with Pixel 8 Series, after the 1st-gen Pixel Watch failed to compete with the Apple Watch.






The design of the Pixel Watch 2 remains largely unchanged from the first-generation watch, but uses 100% recycled aluminum for case, making it lighter and eco-friendly case.


The Pixel Watch 2 has refined buttons and a smoother crown for easier navigation, and is also compatibility with bands from the first-generation Pixel Watch.



It retains the same 1.2-inch circular display with a 1,000 nits peak brightness, which may be a drawback for some users in terms of interaction and text input.



Pixel Watch 2 features a more advanced Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip, while the processor is upgraded, but internal storage & RAM remain the same at 32GB and 2GB, respectively.


Health and Fitness

The Pixel Watch 2 incorporates new and improved fitness tracking sensors, including an upgraded heart rate sensor, cEDA sensor, and skin temperature sensor.


The data from these sensors, along with AI refinements, can provide insights into various health conditions.


The Pixel Watch 2 also has some new features, including automatic workout tracking and heart rate zone identification. The watch also supports ECG.


Software Features

The Pixel Watch 2 runs on Wear OS 4.0, offering improved app support and access to Google apps like Gmail and Google Calendar.


It features enhanced third-party watch faces and improved power efficiency. The watch also includes safety features like Fall Detection and Safety Check.


Battery Life

The Pixel Watch 2 offers improved battery life compared to the first-generation watch, lasting at least 24 hours, with some cases reaching 36 hours.


The Pixel Watch 2’s more power-efficient Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip, contributes to this extended battery life (36 hours).



The pricing for the Pixel Watch 2 remains the same as the first-generation watch, with a Wi-Fi-only variant at $350 and Wi-Fi + LTE variant at $400.

The Pixel Watch 2 has significant improvement over its predecessor, offering better battery life, performance and new features to make it a worthwhile upgrade.