Rajashekar and Jeevitha Sentenced to 2 Years in Jail in Chiranjeevi Blood Bank 2011 Defamation Case by Allu Arvind

Actor Rajashekar and his actress-wife Jeevitha sentenced to 2 years jail, fined Rs 5,000 in 2011 defamation case by producer Allu Arvind.

The case involved allegations against Chiranjeevi Blood Bank, selling blood at Rs 850 per unit, and irregularities in Chiranjeevi's Trust.

The actor-duo was granted bail by the 17th Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court and was also given time to appeal the verdict in the sessions court within the next 30 days

In the original plea, Allu Arvind filed Rs 10-crore defamation case against Rajashekar and Jeevitha.

On July 18, the Nampally Criminal Court delivered a verdict, ending a 12-year legal dispute involving the "2011 defamation case.

Chiranjeevi and Rajashekar's animosity traces back to a 2003 incident, which resurfaced during a heated argument at the 2020 MAA event.

Earlier, The couple withdrawn the 2011 case they had filed against Chiranjeevi's fans, who had attacked their car.

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