Samsung’s One UI 6 Lacks Burn-In Protection, Reddit Users Report

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In a recent development, Reddit users have raised concerns about potential screen burn-in issues with devices running Samsung's One UI 6.

According to reports, recently released Samsung update (One UI 6) seems to lack burn-in protection, a feature that was present in the previous One UI 5.

Samsung, known for its efforts to prevent OLED screen burn-in, had incorporated pixel shifting as a feature in One UI 5.

However, it appears that this crucial feature might have been overlooked in the One UI 6 update, which is based on Android 14.

Users on Reddit have begun reporting that the status bar icons no longer shift positions after updating to One UI 6.

The comparison between One UI 5 and One UI 6 screenshots, posted by reddit users (dragosslash).

Note20 Ultra  Running One UI 5

S23 Ultra Running One UI 6

Note20 Ultra (One UI 5): Status bar elements moving, indicates OLED burn in protection is working. S23 Ultra (One UI 6): Status bar elements static, no movement.

Note20 Ultra

S23 Ultra

User Reports:

To test for pixel drifting, Reddit user suggests to take a screenshot with the status bar, rotate the screen between landscape and portrait modes five times, and open screenshot in Samsung Gallery. 

The concern is particularly significant for OLED screens, where burn-in can result in permanent discoloration, affecting the overall display quality.

As reported by Reddit users, if burn-in protection is indeed not working in One UI 6, hopefully, Samsung will provide a quick fix soon.

As users await Samsung's response, the community hopes for a swift resolution to ensure the longevity and quality of OLED displays on devices running One UI 6.

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