Samsung Universal Gestures: A New Way to Control Your Galaxy Watch Without Touching It

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Samsung celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by introducing Universal Gestures on its Galaxy Watches, allowing users to control their smartwatches without touching the screen.

The new feature, Universal Gestures, lets Galaxy Watch users control it with hand and finger motions, aiming to assist individuals with limited vision, hearing, or dexterity issues.

To activate Universal Gestures, users need to have a smartwatch running One UI Watch 5 beta or the latest Wear OS 4 version, and use a Galaxy Watch 4 or 5.

Enabling Universal Gestures is a simple process: users can navigate to Accessibility in settings, select Interaction and dexterity, and toggle on Universal Gestures.

Users have the flexibility to customize Universal Gestures according to their preferences. 



default gestures

Pinch thumb and index finger

Next items

Double Pinch thumb and index finger

Previous item

Make a fist

To Tap

Make double fist

Open action menu

Default Gestures

Shake wrist twice

Activate Gestures

Universal Gestures utilizes changes in muscle movements caused by hand gestures to scroll and select functions on the Galaxy Watch, eliminating the need for physical touch.

The gestures, once activated, enable users to navigate through settings, make adjustments, and perform actions, such as answering calls or playing music, without using their other hand.

Samsung’s Universal Gestures: The functionality is promising, but users may need practice to become proficient.

Samsung’s new Universal Gestures feature, aimed at enhancing accessibility for individuals with disabilities, but gaining attention from all users its user-friendly design.

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