How to Animate on iPad: Best 5 Animation Apps in 2023

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Create stunning and amazing animations with your iPad

For both professionals and beginners, the iPad is a powerful tool for creating stunning animations, with plenty of apps available on the App Store.

We listed out the best 5 iPad apps for animation in 2023, based on their features, functionality, and user reviews




Callipeg by Enoben

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It has a beautiful interface, you can create frame-by-frame animations with custom brushes, multiple timeline layers, and easy color-fill options.  Costs: $0.99 per month

Animation Desk by KDAN Mobile

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This app is a powerful and beginner-friendly platform, you can create frame-by-frame masterpieces. Costs: $19.99


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This app is a simple and intuitive tool for creating hand-drawn animations. You can draw with a variety of brushes, use onion skinning, and more. Costs: $5.99


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This app is a playful and fun way to create looping animations with a unique interface that mimics a music box. Costs: $9.99

Clip Studio Paint by Celsys

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It is a versatile and professional tool for creating animations, comics, and illustrations with over 10,000 brushes, textures, and materials. Costs: $44.99

These iPad apps for animation can be downloaded from the App Store, and some of them offer monthly subscriptions while others offer lifetime subscriptions.

Procreate has unveiled a new iPad app for animation, 'Procreate Dreams,' which will be released on November 22, 2023. It looks very promising and is a must-try once it's released.

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