THE FINALS: Join the Crossplay Open Beta on PC and Consoles from October 26, and try out the new game mode and map

Embark Studios invites you to join the open beta of THE FINALS, a team-based first-person shooter game on PC and consoles starting on October 26 to November 5.

THE FINALS is a team-based combat entertainment game where players compete in hyper-realistic, fully destructible Virtual Arenas inspired by real-world locations.


The beta test is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam and features cross-play and cross-progression between PC and consoles.

The open beta introduces the new Skyway Stadium map alongside the existing Monaco and Seoul arenas, and a new game mode called Bank-It.

New game modes include Bank-It, Unranked Tournament (24 players, cashboxes, and vaults), Ranked Tournament (48 players, cashboxes, and vaults), and Quick Cash.

Players can unlock 16 exclusive and permanent rewards through a free BattlePass during the beta, which will carry over to the full game at launch.

Free BattlePass

The Open Beta features 20 weapons, 26 gadgets, 9 abilities, and various performance and gameplay improvement.

The goals of the Open Beta are to validate improvements, stress-test the game’s infrastructure, and gather feedback on the console and gamepad experience.

Users can sign up for the open beta through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Game Store, or Steam. For more details, visit The Finals’ official website.

How to join

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