Threads, Text-Based Social Media App Launched by Meta, Faces Significant User Drop of Over 50% Following its High-Profile Launch

Threads, a text-based social media app launched by Meta Platforms, lost over 50% of its users after its grand release.

Threads gained 100 million users in five days after launch but later lost a substantial user base, acknowledged by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg considered the drop-off in users as normal for a new app and expressed optimism that retention would return its users.

Meta Platforms executives are working on increasing retention by implementing "retention-driving hooks" to encourage users to return to  the app.

Retention-driving hooks are strategies or features that aim to keep users engaged and loyal to a product or service.

As part of its retention-driving hook, Meta is planning to add more features, such as a desktop version and search functionality.

Zuckerberg also invested in augmented and virtual reality technology to stay ahead of competitors like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Meta also released the AI model Llama 2 for commercial use, receiving over 1.5 Lakh download requests in a week.

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