Want to Study Abroad? Know How to Start Your Journey?

Choose country

First, find out your area of interest (subject) and country. Find out the average cost of living in that country. Every country has different standard living expenses.


Time of admissions

Every country has a schedule for the intake of new students, like fall (September), winter (January), and summer. Keep an eye on admission deadlines.


Education loans

Many private and public banks offer education loans; while choosing a loan, have a look at modes of repayment (EMIs after course completion) and interest rates. Always prefer fixed interest rates on loans.


scholarship grants

To reduce your financial burden, look for academic scholarships.   Some organisations like Tata Foundation and Aga Khan Foundation, are helping students who can't afford even the tuition fee because of the financial crisis. Approach them and seek aid.


part-time jobs

To meet expenses, look for part-time work opportunities on or off campus, because most countries allow students to work 20 hours per week.