How to Switch Between Watch Faces with a Swipe on Apple Watch after watchOS 10.2 Update

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In a recent update to watchOS 10.2, Apple has reintroduced the much-loved feature for users to easily switch between watch faces with a simple swipe gesture.

The update, in addition to introducing new features like Siri-enabled health data logging, addresses a previous design change that sparked complaints from long-time Apple Watch users.

Prior to watchOS 10, the default method to switch watch faces involved a quick swipe left or right across the display.

However, with the release of watchOS 10, Apple changed to a long press gesture for watch-face changing from swiping, a change that garnered criticism and user dissatisfaction.

The latest update, watchOS 10.2, brings back the swipe gesture as an option for users who prefer the older, more intuitive method.

Swipe Gesture Option

The default behavior, however, still involves the long-press gesture. To enable the swipe gesture follow these steps:

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Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, Scroll down and select “Clock,” and Toggle on the “Swipe to Switch Face” setting.

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For long-time Apple Watch users, this update comes as a welcome change, addressing concerns and restoring a beloved feature.

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