Why Apple took so long time to open its first retail store in India- Full story on Apple's growth ambitions in India.

Apple took a long time to open its own retail stores in India because of several reasons, such as FDI strict regulations, the diverse market and the pandemic.

India's strict regulations on foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail, which required Apple to source at least 30% of its products locally.

The purpose of this requirement is to promote local manufacturing and support small businesses and reduce import dependence.

Another reason is India's large and diverse market, different consumer preferences, pricing, and distribution network.

Apple had a relatively low market share in India compared to other brands, because of its pricing. But Apple is one of the most preferred brands in India for its innovation and performance.

The Covid-19 pandemic is also a reason for the delay, Apple planned to launch its retail stores in 2021.

Till now Apple used to sell their phones in India through 3rd-party resellers and online platforms (Amazon, Flipkart)

Now, Apple is opening its first two (2) retail stores in India this week, one in Mumbai and one in Delhi.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook will inaugurate these stores on April 18 and April 20, respectively. This is a first step, more to go in India.

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