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Why Indian students prefer to study in Canada?

After the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada is a popular study destination for Indian students.

Every year, about 7 to 8 Canadian universities are in the top 200 QS World University Rankings.

Cost of Living

Why did Indian students prefer to study in Canada?


The cost of living in Canada is far lower than in the US  and the UK, with an average cost of living ranging from 1000 to  1500 Canadian dollars, which is app Rs. 75,500 to Rs.  1,50,000.


Quality of Education

Canada has world-class universities; In the QS 2022 Ranking, 8 universities were listed in the top 200 QS World University Rankings.


Better Work Hours

Part-time  work is permitted for students studying in Canada for up to 20 hours  per week. During their summer and winter breaks, they can also work  full-time.


Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

It's a work permit; valid for up to 18 months. When we finish our studies we are allowed to work temporarily for 18 months or even live permanently in Canada.

PR in Canada without job offer


Some provinces in Canada allows to apply for permanent residency there without a job offer or work experience right after our graduation.

Studying abroad helps one to learn new things, understand other cultures, deal with the difficulties of living in a different country, and learn more about the world as a whole.

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