YouTube Launches Two Experimental AI Tools for Music Creation: Dream Track and Music AI Tools

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In a bold move towards revolutionizing music creation, YouTube has launched two experimental AI tools—Dream Track and Music AI Tools.

These AI tools aim to provide users with innovative ways to express their creativity, set to reshape the music production landscape.

Google rolled out an experimental feature- Dream Track within YouTube Shorts, allows users to generate 30-second music tracks for Shorts through a text prompt or a vocal sample.

Nine (9) mainstream artists, including John Legend, Sia, and T-Pain, have lent their voices to this feature, providing users with a diverse range of options.

How it works- Dream Track

The user provides a text prompt describing the desired music, and then selects a singer from a carousel within the AI tool.

The AI leverages the chosen artist’s voice to create a personalized and unique track, offering a fusion of user creativity and celebrity influence.

This feature (Dream Track) is limited to a select group of American content creators, with no immediate plans for a wider release or desktop version.

Google 2nd experimental AI tools- Music AI Tools, transforms uploaded vocal samples into bite-sized tracks with astonishing versatility.

User's hummed clip can seamlessly evolve into a guitar riff, showcasing the AI's transformative capabilities.

How it works- Music AI Tools

YouTube sees these AI tools as a way to empower creative users and support fledgling musicians lacking resources to grow.

Some artists express caution about generative AI in music, fearing that it might undermine their originality and authenticity.

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