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Objective Questions For Competitive Exam – Part 5

Physics Objective Questions For Competitive

Physics Objective Questions For Competitive Exams

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Physics – 5 

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To preserve food for long duration, __________ is used

 Sodium Chloride

 Sodium Benzoate

 Sodium Dizoate 

Which lens used to see minute particles of ears,nose and throat( ENT Doctor)

 Convex lens

 Microscope lens

 Concave lens 

To detect fake notes, we use

 X rays

 UV rays

 IR rays 

Which rays are used to night vision

 X rays

 gamma rays

 Infrared rays 

Magnitude of diffraction of light is depends on

  Size of the obstacle

  Wave length of the light wave

  Angle of beam of the light ray

All the above 

Sun glasses works on the principle

 Polarization of light

 Diffraction of light

 Refraction of light 

Bending of light rays around the smaller obstacles is called


 Di fraction


Units of focal power




Radio waves are

 Electromagnetic waves

 Mechanical waves

 Magnetic Waves 

____________ energy laser rays are used to take 3D photograph




Mirrors are based on the property of

  Reflection of light

 Refraction of light 


_________ is clotted on backside of mirror

 Silver anomide

 Silver bromide

 Silver trimide 

Mirrors used in vehicle( driver mirror)

 Concave mirror

 None of the above

 Convex mirror 

To kill bacteria in milk and water, which of the following rays are used

 UV rays

 Infrared rays

 Gamma rays 

The minimum distance to see the object clearly is Least distance distinct vision( LDDV)

 25 cms

 15 cms

 20 cms 


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Physics Objective Questions

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