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Biology Questions For Competitive Exams – Part 2

biology questions for competitive exams

Biology Questions For Competitive Exams  


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Learn Biology Questions for competitive exams Group 1 2 3, Banks | RRB’s

Mad cow disease may attack in humans, which is called as

 Fatal Familial

 Bovine Spongiform enccephalopathy

 Cruetzfeldt jacob Disease

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is discovered by

 Harald Zur Hausen


 Francoise Barre Sinoussi

Bird flu first started in

 2006, Maharasta

 2006, Haryana

 2006, Andhra pradesh 

Japanese encephalitis virus, which is a flavi virus spreads by


 Culex Mosquito

 Ades Mosquito

Viriods are RNA infectious particles causing diseases in




The Virus which is present in Intestine of birds




Kuru disease, causes due to ritual cannibalism damages




Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) causes

 Brain cancer in females

 Breast cancer in females

 Cervical Cancer in females

Extra Glucose is stored in liver in the form of

 Glycogen Molecule

 Glucose Molecule


Chikungunya spreads by

 Varicella Virus

 Toga Virus

 Tami Virus

Study of functions of Body




Lactose, milk sugar formed by reaction of

 Glucose and Galactose

 Glucose and Furctose

 Glucose and sucrose

The Virus which spreads by Insects called

 Murine coronavirus

 Bean chlorosis virus


Yellow Fever spreads by

 Ades Mosquito

Aedes and Haemogogus mosquitoes

 Culex Mosquito

The chemicals that are exclusively synthesized in the living organism is

 Blood Molecules

 Water Molecules

 Bio Molecules

Smallest living cells in plants are




Normal Flu is treated by medicines


 Rimantidine and Amantidine



Dengue Fever spreads by

 Clux Mosqutio

 Ades Mosquito


Total number of atoms present in single Sucrose

 45 atoms

 43 atoms

 44 atoms

Influenza or Flu caused by group of viruses called



 Ortho Mixo Virus



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Biology questions for competitive exams  

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