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Chances Of Getting A Government Job | Should I Continue ?

Chances Of Getting A Government Job

Should I Continue In Competitive Exams Race?

 Chances Of Getting A Government Job


Personalty Test: Govt Job preparation


We often confuse and frustrates about staying in competitive exams race because years of attempts, late settlement or over age problems.

We came up with a small personality test to figure out your confusion to continue or quit competitive exams.

Years of dedication in studying for competitive exams like IBPS, State Exams, Railway Exams, gazetted and non gazetted jobs, we often tends to feel low in some situations because of boredom, waiting for settlement or friends and family pressure. In those situations, we may felt to quit competitive exam filed and try different field where result for hardwork comes within months.

For Software Jobs – Hard work of 3-6 Months(Can Achieve Good Job)

For Non Software Jobs – Hard work of 1-3 Months

But for Govt Jobs – Hard work of 1-5 yrs.

In Cracking Govt Jobs, Doing hard work will not fetch success. Only smart work needed in competitive Exams.


If you thought of “Should I Continue In Competitive Exams Race?”, then take a test below


For many years, you been in competitive exam field ?

We Wish you all success in Life

Never Quit – Stay Hungry.

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