5 Best Apps for College Students

5 Best Apps for College Students

Unfortunately, summer is almost over, and college is returning to our daily routines. Obviously, students are always unhappy because of that, as everyone has got accustomed to chilling and not thinking about any work. The relaxation is way more pleasant compared to the need for hard studying. It’s easy to become buried in notes and thoughts when it comes to studying.

This is why students are those people who always search for any way to simplify their life, which has become even more acute in modern days. What luck that we live in the times of well-developed technology and the Internet, and there is a program basically for every one of your needs, from searching for the necessary information to essay writing help.

The mobile phone has replaced the traditional student planner as a virtual repository of crucial dates, deadlines, and information. Unlike the standard planner, however, college students have access to a plethora of add-ons in the form of smartphone apps. The variety of services fascinates and why not use them then!

Although it may seem extremely helpful to have this variety of apps, it is very easy to get lost finding really good high-quality service. No matter how long you have been studying, it is never late to organize your work, and there is nothing bad in using these applications for that.

Because of the widespread availability of mobile apps, the possibilities are practically limitless – but how valuable are they?

  • CamScanner

CamScanner is a Chinese app that exists since 2011 but has gained popularity after the lockdown. It is a smart solution for documents management, basically for everyone, but for students especially. It can be used to digitize, synchronize, share and manage a number of files on multiple devices.

This is not only useful for submitting your handwritten notes and assignments, but also for scanning various documents you may need administration-wise. It can scan all your documents very quickly, just simply using your phone camera and making them look the way they should by cutting all the excessive background. Moreover, the app allows you to search documents efficiently and manage them from your mobile device!

The data you provide is absolutely safe and does not go anywhere from the app, you can ensure yourself by reading the privacy policy. The only possible con is, unfortunately, the fact that the app is not free, but you can get a free three-day trial to understand whether it is convenient enough for you or not.

  • SplitWise

An extremely important part of every student’s life is keeping track of their expenses, as young people often tend to borrow money from each other and forget about that. The app SplitWise appears to be very handy here. It is an online service for friends, partners, colleagues and roommates, that allows to track and calculate shared expenses and, basically, slit them evenly between everyone in the group.

It is extremely convenient when having to pay for shared rent, buying food for several people or during travelling with friends.

Other than that, it is also very useful for beginner businessmen who are setting up their startup, and basically for everyone who needs to share expenses. Not only does it facilitate the financial side of the issue, but it also helps to avoid any arguments on the subject. You can even send notifications to people, who owe you money, via email.

The interface is very simple, because it simply shows what amount of money everyone owes you or, vice versa, how much you owe them. You can pay each other simply via Venmo or PayPal, which makes it even more convenient. You can even make separate folders for the different occasions you experience, when it is appropriate to use SplitWise and even send notifications to people, who owe you money, via email.

  • Quizlet

Preparing for your classes or even tests and exams is not the funniest thing to do, especially when you have a lot of stuff to deal with. There is a variety of almost ancient methods of simplifying your learning experience, which may make it even duller. However, Quizlet actually makes learning way easier.

Quizlet is a free service, which allows you to easily memorize any information, which can be presented in a form of educational flashcards. All you need is to either find the needed information in the database or create the material yourself — your own flashcards by adding media (pictures, audios) and then start completing the exercises in order to memorise this material.

You need to have a Facebook or a Google account in order to sign in to the system. Moreover, you can even share the link to your flashcards with your mates, so you can create and use them for studying together.

  • Word Hippo

This app is basically an online service and an application, which serves as a word finder with a vast variety of tools you can use for writing, creating poems, text translations. You can create rhyming constructions there, find definitions and translations of words, sentences or even texts. All you need is to simply select a tool according to your needs, type in the text and that’s it, you receive a great selection of results.

  • Pomodoro

The main focus of this app is helping students with their time management. The widely known Pomodoro method is the basis of this app, which makes you work hard for 25 minutes with no distractions with 5-minute breaks in between studying sessions.

It is extremely easy to use because it basically looks like the timer. It helps to be more productive, which is why you will not regret buying premium — it is not a subscription, you have to pay five dollars only once, and it is yours! Not only that, but it can give you a lot of customization options.


Returning to your studies after a long period of relaxation is a rough experience, especially for young people, which has conditioned not only the development but also the wide usage of various apps, which do really come in handy during the educational process.

You may be short on project ideas or tired of taking notes during classes. However, you can rest assured that there are great study apps for students for every situation. Overall, these study applications will assist you in increasing your efficiency, waking up on time, and writing accurate citations. For many students, these top college students’ apps are the best way to keep informed and in control of their lives.

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