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   Advent of Europeans in India | Britishers

British colonization and settlement in India summary


On 31-12-1600, A group of merchants formed English East India company in London.

Queen of England at the time of formation of company is Elizabeth I, she conferred monopoly rights on company for 15 years.

James I in 1609, he extended monopoly rights indefinitely. But monopoly rights ended in 1813.

British settlement in India 

Surat in 1608

Machilipatnam in 1611

Hoogli in 1661

Britishers were had three Head quarters with 3 different Governors




Three Governors were independent to each other. These three cities were built by Britishers and developed by Britishers.


In 1639, Francis Day(Britisher Officer) acquired site from local officer Damerla Venkatadri Naidu which was ruled by Venkatapati Raya III

City was named as Chennapatnam after the name of Venkatadri Naidu’s father Chennappa.

At Madras, famous fort built by them called as “Saint George fort”

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In 1668,Gerald Aungier (British officer) procured the site from British King John II.

Bombay was Portuguese settlement, which was given as dowry to Charless II, the successor of charless II is John II.

Charless II married to Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza.


In 1690, Job Chornock (officer), purchased 3 villages from the Mughal Governor by paying Rs 1200/-




these 3 villages merged into one city.

In Calcutta , famous fort was build called as Fort William

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