Advent of Europeans in India – Danes & French

Advent of Europeans in India | Danes And French

French East Companies In India


Danes are traders of Denmark


Capital : Copenhagen

Official languages : Danish

Religion : Church of Denmark

Currency : Danish krone

Some of important settlements of Danes

Tranqubar(Tamil Naidu)

Andaman Nicobar island

Serampur( Bengal)

Danes made Serampur as there Head quarters.

In 1845, they sold all there settlement to Britishers and left India  


Last European to invade India is French.

In 1664, they formed French East India Company which was public enterprise( Government company)

Only French had government company rest are private(Portuguese, British and Danes)

Important settlement of French in India 


Surat – 1st settlement of French in 1668

Andhra Pradesh





Tamil Naidu





Pondicherry city was build by French and made Pondicherry as their Head Quarter.

In 1673, Francois Martin(officer) build the city and he was the first Governor(French) of India

British and French fought 3 wars called as Carnatic Wars.

First Carnatic War : 1746 – 48


Europeans Political conflict lead to first Carnatic war i.e., “Austrian war of succession”

First carnatic war is just an extension of Austrian war succession.


1   Duplex captured Madras

2   Battle of St Thomas(Area in Madras), French defeated Nawab of Carnatic Anwar-ud-din

3   A treaty was concluded between British and French, Treaty of Aix-la-chappell

Provisions of Treaty

Carnatic war must stop immediately 

Madras has to given back to British.

Second Carnatic War: 1749 -56


Successive disputes in India

In Carnatic, disputes between Anwar and Chandasaheb.

In Nizam, disputes between Nazar Jung and Mujaffer jung


 In 1749, Battle of Ambur   

Dupleix killed Anwar-ud-din and made Chanda saheb as ruler of Carnatic

2   In 1750, Nazar Jung was assassinated by Kurnool Nawab Himmat Bahadur Khan

Britishers called Robert Clive from Bengal to Carnatic

His victories are

In  1752, Majaffar Jung was assiasinated 

In 1752, Battle of Arcot, ChandaSaheb killed and Md Ali son of Anwar-udidin made ruler

Robert Clive is called as Hero of Arcot 

Second Carnatic war concluded with treaty of Pondicherry

Third Carnatic War 1756-63

In 1760, Battle of Wandiwash 

French governor Court De Lally was defeated by Britishers and he taken as prisoner by British officer Sir Eyre Coote.

In 1763, Treaty of Paris

All Settlements shall be given back to French but on condition of not maintaining Army in India only Trade

In 1954 because of diplomatic pressure, French settlements were handovered to Indian Government ,so India Created Pondicherry as  Union territory.

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