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Averages and AGES Problems Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning

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Quantitative and Aptitude Chapter Wise Explanation, Average Problems with solutions PDF download

AVERAGE = Sum of values  / No. of values

Suppose a man covers a certain distance at X- Kmph and an equal distance at Ykmph
then the average speed during the whole journey is =  2XY/X+Y KMPH

Example Problems:

1.  Four years ago the average of son & father’s age was 27.5. Today the ratio of their age is 5: 16. Find out the son’s present age?


Four years ago the age of son + father = 27.5 × 2
= 55 years
Now, their age is = 55+8 = 63 years
Therefore, son present age = 63 × 5/21
= 15 years (answer)

2.  The average of four positive integers is 59. The highest integer is 83 & the lowest integer is 29. The difference between the remaining two integers is 28. What is the higher of the remain two integers?


Remaining two integers are X & Y
83 + 29 + X + Y = 59×4 …………. (1)
X – Y = 28 …………….. (2)
From equations 1 & 2
X = 76, Y = 43
X = 76 is the higher value (answer)

3.  The average age of 6 employees in a department is 34 years. If the age of their officer added, the average increased by 1. What is the age of the officer ?


Age of officer = 34 + (7 × 1)
= 41 years (answer)

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