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Suppose a man covers a certain distance at X- kmph and an equal distance at Y- kmph then the average speed during the whole journey is
= 2XY / X + Y KMPH

In partnership:
Profit = Capital × Time

Practice Problem

1) Four years ago the average of son & father’s age was 27.5. Today the ratio of their age is 5: 16. Find out the son’s present age …….

2) The average of four positive integers is 59. The highest integer is 83 & lowest integer is 29. The difference between the remaining two integers is 28. What is the higher of the remain two integers ?

3) The average age of 6 employees in a department is 34 years. If the age of their officer added, the average increased by 1. What is the age of officer ?

4 ) The average age of 11 players of a cricket team is increased by 2 months. When two of them aged 18 years & 20 years are replaced by new two players. The average of the new players is………

5) The average of ‘n’ numbers is X. When 36 is subtracted from two of the numbers, the new average becomes (X – 8). The value of ‘n’ is….

6) The average of mathematics marks of two sections A & B of class 9th standard in the annual examination is 74. The average marks of section- A is 77.5 and that of section- B is 70. The ratio of the students of sections A & B is?

7) The average of 4- consecutive even numbers is 27. Then the product of A & D is?

8) A batsman makes a score of 87 runs in the 17th innings &thus increases his average by 3. Find his average after 17th innings…..

9) In an examination, the average of marks was found to be 50. For deducing marks for computational errors, the marks of 100 candidates had to be changed from 100 to 60 each and so the average of marks came down to 45. Then total no. of candidates, who appear in the examination was……

10) Six persons went to a hotel for meals. Five of them spent 32/- each on their meals while the 6th person spent 80/- more than the average expenditure of all the six. Total mo33ney spent by all the persons is……

11)The average of 10 numbers is 7. What will be the new average if each of the numbers is multiplied by 8 ?

12) There are 35 students in a hostel. If the no. of students increased by 7, the expenses of mess were increased by 42/- per day while the average expenditure per head diminished by 1/-. Find the original expenditure of the mess?

13) A man whose bowling average is 12.4 takes 5 wickets for 26 runs and thereby decreases his average by 0.4. The no. of wickets taken by him before his last match is?

14) After replacing old member by a new member it was found that the average age of five members of club is the same as it was 3- years ago. The difference between the ages of the replaced and the new member is….

15) The arithmetic mean of 100 observations is 24. 6 is added to each of the observations and then each of them is multiplied by 2.5. Find the new arithmetic mean …………

16) The sum of the ages of two brothers, having a difference of 8 years between them, will double after 10- years. What is the ratio of the age of the younger brother to that of the elder brother ?

17) A batsman in his 12th innings makes a score of 63 runs and thereby increases his average score by 2. The average of his score after 12th innings is?

18) The average of five consecutive integers starting with ‘m’ is n. What is the average of consecutive integers starting with (m+2) …………

19) The average monthly salary of all the employees in an industry is 12000/-. The average salary of male employees is 15000/- and that of female employees is 8000/-. What is the ratio of male employees to female employees?

20) A librarian purchased 50 story books for his library. But he saw that he could get 14 more books by spending 76 more and the average price per book would be reduced by 1/-. The average price of each book he bought was?

21) While finding the average of 9- consecutive numbers starting from ‘X’, a student interchange the digits of second number by mistake and got the average which is 8 more than the actual. What is X ?

22) The average age of 30 boys in a class is 15 years. One boy aged 20 years, left the class, but two new boys came in has place whose ages differ by 5 years. If the average age of all boys now in class becomes 15 years, the age of the younger new comer is ?

23) A hotel incurs two types of expenses, one which is fixed and others depend upon no. of guests. When there are 10 guests, total expenses of hotel are 6, 000/-. Also when there are 25 guests average expenses per guests are 360/-. What is the total expenses of hotel when there are 40 guests ?

24) In a class, there are 75 questions and their average marks in the annual examination are 35. If the average marks of passed students is 55 an average marks of failed students is 30, then find out the no. of students who failed ?

25) The average weekly salary per head of all employees (supervisors & labors) is 100/-. The average weekly salary per head of all the supervisors is 600/- while the average weekly salary per head of all the labors is 75/-. Find out the no. of supervisors in the factory if there are 840 labors in it.

26) Cost of ticket per person for a show for the first day is 15/-, for the second day is 7. 50/- and for the third it is 2. 50/-. Ratio of persons buying the tickets on the three days is 2: 5: 13. Find the average cost of ticket per person.

27) The average earning of a mechanic for the first four days of a week is Rs.18 and for the last four days is Rs.22. If he earns Rs.20 on the fourth day, find his average earning for the whole week.

28) The average age of all animals in a zoo is 16 years. The average age of male animals in the zoo is 21 years and that of the female animals is 12 years. If the no. of female animals in the zoo is 10, then find the no. of animals in the zoo.

29) There is a sequence of 11 consecutive odd numbers. If the average of first 7 numbers is X, then find the average of all the 11 integers.

30) A student finds the average of 10, 2 – digit numbers. If the digits of one of the numbers is interchanged, the average increases by 3.6. The difference between the digits of the 2 – digit number is….

31) The average price of 3 diamonds of same weights is Rs. 5 crore, where the average price of the two costliest diamonds is double the price of the cheapest diamonds. The price of the cheapest diamond is ……

32) There were 42 students in a hostel. Due to the admission of 13 new students, the expenses of the mess increase by 31/- per day while the average expenditure per head diminished by 3/-. What was the original expenditure of the mess?

33) A says to B “I am twice as old as you were when I was old as you are”. The sum of their ages is 63 years. Find the difference of their ages.

34) A father’s age is four times as much as the sum of the ages of his three children but 6 years hence his age will be only double the sum of their ages. Then the age of the father is?

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