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Andhra Pradesh Gram Ward Sachivalayam Socio Economic Questions

AP Gram Sachivalayam Economy Model Questions Paper download

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AP Gram Sachivalayam Exam Andhra Pradesh Economy Practice Model Papers 2019

1) At What Position Andhra Pradesh stands in Population?
a) 10th largest state in India with a 4.10% total population of India
b) 11th largest state in India with a 5.10% total population of India
c) 12th largest state in India with a 6.10% total population of India
d) 13th largest state in India with a 7.10% total population of India

2) The density of population in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 301 persons per square kilometer
b) 302 persons per square kilometer
c) 303 persons per square kilometer
d) 304 persons per square kilometer
Note: The density of population in India 382

3) The sex ratio in Andhra Pradesh according to the latest census?
a) 994
b) 996
c) 997
d) 998
Note: The sex ratio in India 943

4) The literacy rate in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 66.35%
b) 67.35%
c) 68.35%
d) 69.35%
Note: Literacy rate in India 72.98%

5) What is the percentage of the urban population in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 29.47
b) 27.47
c) 26.47
d) 25.47

6) What percentage of forest coverage area to total Geographical area present in Andhra Pradesh?
a)  21.63 %
b)  22.63 % 
c)  23.63 % 
d)  24.63 %

7) Consumer Price Indices for Industrial Workers in Andhra Pradesh is of?
a) 3.20%
b) 4.20%
c) 5.20%
d) 6.20%

8) Total number of Fair Price(FP) shops currently functioning in Andhra Pradesh as on March 2019 is?
a) 18510
b) 15810
c) 28510
d) 25810

9) Rainfall received in Andhra Pradesh during the southwest monsoon period for 2018-19 is?
a) 156.6 mm
b) 256.6 mm
c) 356.6 mm
d) 456.6 mm
Note: Normal rainfall during the southwest monsoon is 556 mm

10) Rainfall received in Andhra Pradesh during the northeast monsoon period for 2018-19 is?
a) 124.1 mm
b) 224.1 mm
c) 324.1 mm
d) 424.1 mm
Note: Normal rainfall during the northeast monsoon is 296 mm

11) The total production of food grains in Andhra Pradesh during 2018-19 is estimated as?
a) 451.12 lakh tonnes
b) 351.12 lakh tonnes 
c) 251.12 lakh tonnes 
d) 151.12 lakh tonnes

12) Andhra Pradesh Government under YSR RythuBharosa scheme planning for financial assistance to Tenant farmer families per year is about?
a) Rs. 10,500/-
b) Rs. 12,500/-
c) Rs. 9,500/-
d) Rs. 20,500/-

13) What is the area under Horticulture crops in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 27.62 Lakh Hectares with the production of 527.57 Lakh MTs
b) 27.62 Lakh Hectares with the production of 427.57 Lakh MTs
c) 17.62 Lakh Hectares with the production of 327.57 Lakh MTs
d) 17.62 Lakh Hectares with the production of 227.57 Lakh MTs

14) Andhra Pradesh stands 1st position in India in the production of?
a) Chilies
b) Cocoa
c) Lime
d) Oil Palm
e) Papaya
f) Tomato

A) a, b, d, e      B) a, c, e, f       C) a, c, d, e      D) All the above

15) Andhra Pradesh stands 2nd position in India in the production of?
a) Cashew
b) Mango
c) Turmeric
d) Sweet Orange
e) All the above

16) Andhra Pradesh is the second-largest producer of _________ in India?
a) Milk
b) Rice
c) Silk
d) Coconuts

17) Which is the largest commodity contributing the highest economy to Andhra Pradesh?
a) Milk
b) Rice
c) Silk
d) Coconuts

18) Andhra Pradesh stands 1st in production during 2018-19?
a) Eggs
b) Meat
c) Milk
d) Seafood

19) Andhra Pradesh stands 4th in production during 2018-19?
a) Eggs and Meat
b) Milk and Meat
c) Milk and Seafood
d) Silk and Seafood

20) Andhra Pradesh ranks 1st in total production of?
a)  fish and prawn
b)  fish and Lobster
c)  fish and Crabs
d)  fish and shrimp

21) Andhra Pradesh contributing about what percentage to national fish production?
a) 34%
b) 14%
c) 24%
d) 10%
Note: Andhra Pradesh contributing about 1.61% globally in fish production

22) Andhra Pradesh stands at what position in Aquaculture area and Production?
a) First
b) Second
d) Fourth

23) How many Wildlife Sanctuaries and National parks present in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 3, 13
b) 13, 3
c) 12, 3
d) 2, 13

24) Which Market Yard stood at 1st place among all markets in India in terms of no of online payments made to farmers?
a) Duggirala Market Yard
b) Tenali Market Yard
c) Piduguralla Market Yard
d) Anantapur Market Yard

25) Which is the main industrial Corridor in East Coast Economic Corridor?
a) Kakinada – Chennai Industrial Corridor KCIC
b) Gannavaram – Chennai Industrial Corridor GCIC
c) Visakhapatnam – Chennai Industrial Corridor VCIC
d) Krishanapatnam – Chennai Industrial Corridor KCIC

1) a  2) d  3) c  4) b  5) a  6) b  7) b  8) c  9) d  10) a  11) d  12) b  13) c  14) d  15) e  16) c  17) a  18) a  19) b  20) d  21) c  22) a  23) b  24) a  25) c

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