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AP Sachivalayam practice Model Test Paper Question

Andhra Pradesh Gram Ward Sachivalayam Economy GK Questions

AP Gram Sachivalayam AP Economy Model Questions Paper Download

AP Village Secretariat Gram Sachivalayam Exam updates with Daily GK Model Question Papers, Current Affairs Question for Recruitment for the village Sericulture Assistant, Village Agriculture Assistant, Andhra Pradesh Welfare and Education Assistant, Village Surveyor, Panchayat Secretary Digital Assistant,  Village Horticulture Assistant, Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary and more. Learn with fdaytalk AP Sachivalayam practice Model Test Paper Questions in English with AP MCQ Bits

Andhra Pradesh Gram Sachivalayam Exam AP Economy Practice Model Papers English 2019

1)  In Andhra Pradesh, Mineral and Mining sector earned revenue for 2018-19 is about Rs.2,463 crores, growth rate compared to 2017-18 was?
a) 24.71%.
b) 64.71%.
c) 14.71%.
d) 44.71%

2) What are the major exports in Andhra Pradesh during  2018-19?
a) Drugs and pharmaceuticals
b) Agro-based products
c) Handicrafts
d) All the above

3) Andhra Pradesh Water Resources utilization under existing projects is about?
a) 308.703 TMC
b) 408.703 TMC
c) 508.703 TMC
d) 608.703 TMC

4) How much deficit rainfall received by Andhra Pradesh during 2018-19?
a) 24% deficit rainfall
b) 34% deficit rainfall
c) 44% deficit rainfall
d) 54% deficit rainfall.

5) Total installed power capacity in Andhra Pradesh is about?
a) 39160 MW
b) 29160 MW
c) 19160 MW
d) 9160 MW

6) The total R&B road network excluding National High roads in Andhra Pradesh as on March 2019 is about?
a) 46237.65 Km
b) 56237.65 Km
c) 66237.65 Km
d) 76237.65 Km

7) How many National Highways roads present in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 66
b) 56
c) 46
d) 36

8) The density of National Highways in Andhra Pradesh is about?
a) 33.72 Km per lakh population
b) 23.72 Km per lakh population
c) 13.72 Km per lakh population
d) 43.72 Km per lakh population 
Note: The density of National Highways in all India is about 10.89 Km

9) Andhra Pradesh stands at _______ position with 8,060 fatalities in road accidents in India?
a) 10th
b) 7th
c) 15th
d) 2nd

10) AP State Road Transport Corporation APSRTC had how many Zones?
a) 4 Zones
b) 5 Zones
c) 6 Zones
d) 7 Zones

11) Number of operational airports in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 2
b) 5
c) 6
d) 3

12) Andhra Pradesh having a long coastline length of about?
a) 774 km
c) 872 km
c) 972 km
d) 974 km
Note: Visakhapatnam is a major port under control of GOI and 14 notified ports under State Government

13) What is the pass percentage of students in S.S.C examinations in Andhra Pradesh during 2018-19?
a) 64.88
B) 84.88
c) 74.88
d) 94.88

14) Under which scheme bicycles were distributed to girl students of 8th and 9th classes studying in government schools in 2018-19?
a) Badikosta
B) Beti Padavo
c) Chandranna Cycles
d) Aasara

15) Under which scheme financial help to be given to mothers who send their children to school?
a) Navaratnalu
b) Amma Vodi
c) Aasara
d) All the above

16) How many Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya KGBV’s were present in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 152
b) 252
c) 352
d) 452

17) Some of the important figures in Andhra Pradesh?
a) Total of 7458 Sub-centers
b) 1148 Primary Health Centers
c) 198 Community Health Centers
d) 28 Area Hospitals
e) 14 District Hospital
f) 3 Mother and Child Health Centres

18) The estimated Crude Birth rate in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 46.2
b) 36.2
c) 26.2
d) 16.2
Note: In India: 20.2

19) The estimated Crude Death rate in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 6.2
b) 7.2
c) 8.2
d) 9.2
Note: In India: 6.3

20) The estimated Infant Mortality Rates in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 32 
b) 62 
c) 42 
d) 52 
Note: In India: 33

1) c  2) d  3) a  4) b  5) c  6) a  7) d  8) c  9) b  10) a  11) c  12) d  13) d  14) a  15) b  16) c  18) d  19) b  20) a

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