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AP Grama Sachivalayam Model Test Papers Questions 2019

AP Grama Sachivalayam Model Papers 2019

AP Gram Sachivalayam Economy Model Questions Paper Download

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AP Economy Important MCQ Questions 2019

1) How much percentage of Scheduled Caste and Tribal population in Andhra Pradesh were present?
a) 27.08 % and 15.53%
b) 17.08 % and 15.53%
c) 17.08 % and 5.53%
d) 7.08 % and 15.53%

2) Jagjeevan Jyothi Scheme is for?
a) Free Power
b) Free Led Lights distribution
c) Free Scholarships
d) Free Power in Tribal areas

3) Some of the important Facts in Andhra Pradesh
a) There are 110 Urban Local Bodies in AP
b) 14 Municipal Corporations
c) 71 Municipalities
d) 25 Nagara panchayaths

4) Under the new YSR Pension Scheme, what is the amount of the pension per month?
a) Rs 2250/- for Old Age Persons, Widows
b) Rs 3,000/- for Disabled persons 
c) Rs 3,000/- for persons with Chronic Kidney Disease
d) Pension eligibility age from 65 years to 60 years

A) a, b, c, d   B) Only a    C) a, b, d    D) a, d

5) What is the growth rate in the Agriculture Sector in Andhra Pradesh for 2018-19(AE) at Current Prices and Constant Prices?
a) 18.10% and 19.78 %
b) 32.40% and 25.78 %
c) 42.40% and 15.78 %
d) 12.40% and 10.78 %

6) The total number of Mandals in Andhra Pradesh?
a) 776
b) 670
c) 767
d) 677

7) What is the growth rate in the industry sector in Andhra Pradesh for 2018-19(AE) at Current Prices and Constant Prices?
a) 12.10% and 12.24%
b) 22.40% and 11.24%
c) 42.10% and 12.24%
d) 18.10% and 10.24%

8) What is the growth rate in the services sector in Andhra Pradesh for 2018-19(AE) at Current Prices and Constant Prices?
a) 36.15% and 15.09%
b) 26.15% and 12.09%
c) 16.15% and 11.09%
d) 28.10% and 21.09%

9) Gross State Value Addition (GSVA) at the current Prices growth rate of Andhra Pradesh at Current Prices and Constant Prices?
a) 15.30% and 12.77%
b) 25.30% and 16.77%
c) 15.70% and 17.77%
d) 25.70% and 10.77%

10) What is the GSDP of Andhra Pradesh for 2018-19(AE) at Current Prices and Constant Prices?
a) 25.30% and 12.02%
b) 15.30% and 11.02%
c) 25.30% and 11.02%
d) 15.30% and 21.02%

11) What is the Per Capita Income (PCI) of Andhra Pradesh at Current Prices for 2018-19(AE)?
a) Rs 64,025
b) Rs 1,64,025
c) Rs 3,64,025
d) Rs 4,64,025

12) Andhra Pradesh District wise Geographical Area and Number of Revenue Divisions

DistrictGeographical Area (Sq.Kms)Revenue
Vizianagaram 6.52
East Godavari 12.8 7
West Godavari 8.5 5
Krishna 8.7 4
Guntur 11.4 4
Prakasam 17.6 3
Y.S.R 15.4 3
Kurnool 17.7 3
Ananthapuramu 19.1 5
Chittoor 15.2 3
S.P.S.Nellore 13.1 5

13) In Andra Pradesh, Number of Mandals and Towns were

a) No of Mandals in Andhra Pradesh Rural: 661

b) No of Mandals in Andhra Pradesh Urban: 9

c) Total No of Mandals in Andhra Pradesh: 670

d) Total No of Towns in Andhra Pradesh as per 2011 census: 195

14) In Andra Pradesh, Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, and Gram Panchayats were

a) Total No of Municipal Corporations in Andhra Pradesh:14

b) Total No of Municipalities in Andhra Pradesh: 96

c) Total No of Gram Panchayats in Andhra Pradesh:12918

15) Which district in Andhra Pradesh has the highest and lowest density of Population (Persons per Sq.Km)?
a) Srikakulam and Prakasam
b) Visakhapatnam and Chittoor
c) Krishna and Y.S.R Kadapa
d) East Godavari and Y.S.R Kadapa

1) c  2) a  4) a  5) d   6) b  7) d  8) c  9) a  10) b  11) b  15) c

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