April 2024 Arsenal Codes: Exclusive Roblox Rewards

Arsenal, a popular game on Roblox, keeps players engaged with its fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay. Players form teams and use machine guns, bazookas, and even magic spells from books to attack each other. What adds to the excitement is the monthly release of redeemable codes. These codes give players various in-game rewards like bucks, skins, and more. Now, let’s check out the latest Arsenal codes for April 2024 and how to use them.

April 2024 Arsenal Codes

Arsenal Codes: Get Exclusive Rewards

Arsenal stands out for its redeemable codes that come out periodically. These codes give players a wide range of in-game rewards. You can get exclusive skins, announcer voices, and even teleport to new maps.

Latest Arsenal Codes

Here are the newest Arsenal codes you can use to get exciting rewards:

  • FATE: Takes you to a spooky ‘Fate’ map with no other players.
  • ROLVE: Gives you the Rabblerouser skin.
  • POKE: Gives you the Poke skin.
  • Bandites: Gives you the Bandites announcer.
  • JOHN: Gives you the John announcer.
  • ANNA: Gives you the Anna skin.
  • PET: Gives you the Petrify announcer.
  • EPRIKA: Gives you the Eprika announcer.
  • GARCELLO: Gives you the Garcello skin and kill effect.
  • E: Gives you the Russian announcer.
  • F00LISH: Gives you the Jackeryz skin.
  • CBROX: Gives you the Phoenix skin.
  • TRGTBOARD: Gives you 1,200 b$.
  • EZ-G4M3: Gives you the Hoverboard taunt.
  • xonae: Gives you a Xonae announcer voice.
  • KITTEN: Gives you a Koneko announcer voice.

Don’t forget, these codes can expire, so use them as soon as you can.

How to Redeem Arsenal Codes

Redeeming Arsenal codes is a simple and straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

April 2024 Arsenal Codes: Exclusive Roblox Rewards
April 2024 Arsenal Codes: Exclusive Roblox Rewards
  1. Open Roblox and launch Arsenal.
  2. Click the Twitter bird at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Enter your code in the text pop-up that appears and click Go to redeem your code.

How to Get More Arsenal Codes

While you can always find new codes for Arsenal here, you can also follow @ROLVeStuff on Twitter for the latest updates. However, new codes don’t appear often, so it may be a while before more free stuff arrives.

Claim the Arsenal Opera GX Bundle

For those who download the Opera GX browser, there is a special bundle available. This bundle includes:

  • Overtone character skin
  • Tabbed Out kill effect
  • Aura Pop weapon skin
  • Integrated weapon skin
  • R.A.M melee
  • Game Night calling card
  • Challenger calling card
  • 4x Unusual Kit
  • 4x Holo Kit

You can find the instructions to claim this bundle on the Arsenal Discord page in the Opera GX tab.

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