BGMI x Bentley Speed Drift Event: Win Luxury Cars and More

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has always been known for its immersive gameplay and exciting events. One such event that has caught the attention of players worldwide is the BGMI x Bentley Speed Drift Event. This event offers players a unique opportunity to acquire real-world supercars in-game, along with a host of other rewards.

BGMI x Bentley Speed Drift Event: Win Luxury Cars and More
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Event Duration

The BGMI x Bentley Speed Drift Event runs from 21st March to 21st May 2024, giving players two full months to join in and win exciting rewards.

How to Get Cars

Players can get Bentley cars by using Unknown Cash (UC) to make draws. These draws reward players with Lucky Medals, which they can then use to redeem Bentley car variants from the store. The event showcases 9 Bentley car variants. Players need to unlock the first 8 variants to get to the 9th one.

Each acceleration draw requires a certain amount of UC: 60, 180, 500, 1000, 2500, 5800, and 7200. The speed boost can vary among players. If players keep making acceleration draws, their speed boost might increase or decrease. If an acceleration draw succeeds, the speed increases. But if it fails, the speed resets to zero, and players have to start over.

Bentley Car Variants

The event features the following Bentley car variant:

  • Bentley Bathur (Bonneville Pearlescent Silver):
    • Requires 1x Lucky Medal.
  • Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner (Tanzanite Purple):
    • Requires 1x Lucky Medal.
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner (Damson over Silver Storm):
    • Requires 1x Lucky Medal.
  • Bentley Bentayga Azure (Magnetic):
    • Requires 1x Lucky Medal.

Other Rewards

Besides the Bentley cars, players can also redeem other rewards from the BGMI x Bentley Speed Drift event, including:

  • Sets and Skins:
    • Bentley Lucky Medal: 1500 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Groove Socialite Set: 600 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Prim Prestige Set: 600 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Tech Striker Set: 600 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Prim Precision Honey Badger skin: 250 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Power Pulse AMR skin: 250 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Innova Illusion S12K skin: 250 Lucky Vouchers.
  • Covers and Accessories:
    • Groove Socialite Cover: 100 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Prim Prestige Cover: 100 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Tech Striker Cover: 100 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Bentley Ornament: 30 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Skull Can Smoke Grenade skin: 30 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Bentley Parachute: 30 Lucky Vouchers.
  • Coupons:
    • Classic Crate Coupon: 5 Lucky Vouchers.
    • Supply Crate Coupon: 3 Lucky Vouchers.
  • Exchange Rate:
    • Exchange 1 Bentley Lucky Medal for 1500 Lucky Vouchers.


This Event adds a thrilling twist to the BGMI universe, letting players drive luxury cars in the virtual world. With so many rewards up for grabs, this event promises to be an exciting adventure for all BGMI fans.

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