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Boats and Streams

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Boats Streams Quantitative Aptitude 


Distance (D) = Speed (S) × Time (T)
Let, Boat speed = BS (Boat or Man or any object)
Streams speed = SS
Downstream speed (DS)The speed of the boat, when it travels in the same direction as the current
Downstream speed (DS) = Boat speed (BS) + Stream speed (SS)

Upstream speed (US)The speed of the boat, when it travels against to the flowing of the water
Upstream speed (US) = Boat speed (BS) – Stream speed (SS)

When, Downstream speed (DS) and Upstream speed (US) is given
Boat speed (BS) = (Ds + Us) / 2
Rate of stream or stream speed (SS) = (Ds – Us) / 2


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