Brawl Stars Creator Codes for April 2024: How to Use Them

Brawl Stars, the popular mobile game developed by Supercell, offers a unique feature known as “Creator Codes”. These codes are a way for players to support their favorite Brawl Stars content creators. When a player uses a Creator Code while making a purchase in the Brawl Stars in-game store, a portion of the amount spent goes directly to the creator whose code was entered.

Brawl Stars Creator Codes for April 2024: How to Use Them
Brawl Stars Creator Codes April 2024 | Image credit: Brawl Star

Active Creator Codes for April 2024

Here are some of the active Brawl Stars Creator Codes for April 2024:

  • Akari Gaming: akari
  • Alexcalibur: alexcalibur
  • Alvaro845: Alvaro845
  • AmieNicole: amie
  • Anikilo: anikilo
  • Anon Moose: zmot
  • Ark: ark
  • Artube Clash: artube
  • Clash With Ash (CWA): cwa
  • Ash Clash of Clans: AshBS
  • Ashtax: ashtax
  • AtchiinWu: atchiin
  • Aurél COC: aurelcoc
  • AuRuM TV: aurum
  • Axael TV: axael
  • BangSkot: bangskot
  • BBok TV: bbok
  • Beaker’s Lab: beak
  • BenTimm1: BT1
  • Big Vale: bigvale
  • BigSpin: bigspin
  • Bisectatron Gaming: bisect
  • B-rad: brad
  • BroCast: brocast
  • Bruno Clash: brunoclash
  • Bucanero: bucanero
  • Bufarete: buf
  • Brawlify: brawlify
  • Brawl Stats: Stats
  • Captain Ben: cptnben
  • CarbonFin Gaming: carbonfin
  • Chief Pat: PAT
  • ChiefAvalon: ChiefAvalon
  • Clash Bashing: bash
  • Clash Champs: clash champs
  • ClashGames: clashgames
  • Clash com Nery: nery
  • Clash of Stats: cos
  • Clashing Adda: adda
  • Clashing N Games: cng
  • Clash Royale Dicas: clashdicas
  • CLASHwithSHANE: shane
  • Clash with Cory: cwc
  • Clash with Eric: eric
  • ClashPlayhouse: avi
  • Coach Cory: cory
  • Coco: coco
  • Coltonw83: coltonw83
  • Consty: consty
  • CorruptYT: corrupt
  • CosmicDuo: cosmic
  • DarkBarbarian: wikibarbar
  • DavidK: davidk
  • Deck Shop: deckshop
  • Decow do Canal: decow
  • DrekzeNN: drekzenn
  • ECHO Gaming: echo
  • Elchiki: elchiki
  • Emre Kara: emre
  • eVe MAXI: maxi
  • Ewelina: ewe
  • Ferre: ferre
  • FlobbyCr: flobby
  • Fluxxy: fluxxy
  • FullFrontage: fullfrontage
  • Galadon Gaming: galadon
  • Game Bawz: bawz
  • Gaming with Noc: gwn
  • Gedikor: GEDI
  • GizmoSpike: gizmo
  • Godson Gaming: godson
  • gouloulou: gouloulou
  • Grax: grax
  • Guzzo Games: guzzo
  • Havoc Gaming: havoc
  • Hey! Brother: heybrother
  • iTzu: itzu
  • Jo Jonas: jojonas
  • Jakub Destro: Destro
  • Joe McDonalds: joe
  • JS GodSaveTheFish: jsgod
  • Judo Sloth Gaming: judo
  • JUNE: june
  • KairosTime Gaming: Kairos
  • Kenny Jo: clashjo
  • KFC CLASH: kfc
  • kiokio: kiokio
  • Kius: kius
  • Klaus Gaming: klaus
  • Ladyb: ladyb
  • Landi: landi
  • Legendaray: ray
  • Lex: Lex
  • Light Pollux: lightpollux
  • Lukas: lukas
  • Malcaide: malcaide
  • Maomix: maomix
  • MarkoKC: markokc
  • Menerv: menerv
  • MICHELINDA GAME: michelindagame
  • MOLT: Molt
  • mortenroyale: morte
  • MrMobilefanboy: mbf
  • nana: nana
  • nat: nat
  • NaxivaGaming: naxiva
  • Nickatnyte: Nyte
  • NotErikuh: erikuh
  • Noobs iMTV: noobs
  • NyteOwl: owl
  • Optimus Prime: optimus
  • Orange Juice Gaming: OJ
  • Ouah Leouff: ouah
  • Oynamak Lazım: omer
  • Oyun Gemisi: oyungemisi
  • Panda Casts: pan
  • PitBullFera: pitbullfera
  • Pixel Crux: crux
  • puuki: puuki
  • R S Clash: rsclash
  • R3DKNIGHT: r3dknight
  • RadicalRosh: radical
  • Rey: rey
  • Romain Dot Live: romain
  • RoyaleAPI: royaleapi
  • Rozetmen: rozetmen
  • Ruusskov: ruruglou
  • SHELBI: shelbi
  • Sidekick: sidekick
  • Sir Moose Gaming: moose
  • SirTagCR: sirtag
  • Sitr0x Games: sitrox
  • SkullCrusher Boom Beach: skullcrusher
  • sokingrcq: soking
  • spAnser: spanser
  • Spartafail: spartafail
  • Spiuk Gaming: spuik
  • Srta Maverick: mave
  • StarList: starlist
  • Stats Royale: stats
  • Stormm: stormm
  • Sumit 007: sumit007
  • Surgical Goblin: surgicalgoblin
  • Suzie: suzie
  • The Chicken 2: chicken
  • TheGameHuntah: huntah
  • Trymacs: trymacs
  • TwentyFour Bytes: twenty
  • Turtle: turtle
  • Vinhô: vinho
  • Well Played: cauemp
  • WithZack: WithZack
  • Wonderbrad: wonderbrad
  • Yde: yde
  • YoSoyRick: yosoyrick
  • Zolokotroko TOP: zoloko
  • Zsomac: zsomac

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How to Use a Creator Code in Brawl Stars

To use a Creator Code in Brawl Stars, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Brawl Stars.
  2. Select the Shop button.
  3. Swipe to the end of the Shop Menu until you see Content Creator Boost.
  4. Enter the Creator Code in the Enter Code box.
  5. Press ‘Enter’ to activate your Creator Code.

Once you have confirmed your desired Creator Code, complete your purchase from the in-game shop to support your favorite Brawl Stars content creator. Please note that the Creator Code will remain active for seven days after which you will need to re-enter it.


Brawl Stars Creator Codes are a great way for players to support their favorite content creators. By using these codes, players can ensure that a portion of their in-game purchases goes directly to the creators they love. So, the next time you make a purchase in Brawl Stars, don’t forget to enter a Creator Code! Remember, these codes are active for April 2024. Enjoy your game and support your favorite creators!

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