Top 10 Least affected Countries with Coronavirus

Least affected Countries with Coronavirus
Least affected Countries with Coronavirus
Countries Total Cases *Population
Papua New Guinea 1 7.4
Sierra Leone 1 7.5
Fiji 5 9.6
Bhutan 5 7.4
Nepal 5 26.8
Vatican City 6 0.006
Sudan 7 41.5
Zimbabwe 8 14.4
Myanmar 16 53.5

Note: Population in Lakhs (Data as on 02 April 2020)

How India Curfew Lockdown Impact in break down of Pandemic Coronavirus

Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated Janta curfew and lockdown for 21days, will this had impacted anything

First Coronavirus Case Registered in India on 29 Jan 2020. On the very same day, Italy and Philippines countries registered their first cases on their soil

India coronavirus lockdown

As on 30 March 2020, Stats were

Country Total Cases Deaths
India 1,071 29
Philippines 1,418 71
Italy 97,689 10,779

First Case registered on 30 Jan 2020, Just one day after India registered coronavirus case (Stats of on 30 March 2020)

India coronavirus live status

Country Total Cases Deaths
Spain 80,110 6,803
UK 19,522 1,228
Sweden 3,700 110
Russia 1,534 8

Top 10 worst affected countries with Covid19

India coronavirus live statistics

Countries Total Cases Deaths
USA 1,42,178 2,484
Italy 97,689 10,779
China 81,470 3,304
Spain 80,110 6,803
Germany 62,435 541
France 40,174 2,606
Iran 38,309 2,640
UK 19,522 1,228
Switzerland 14,829 300

We are with Lockdown; Yes we agree poor people and middle class were affecting most with lockdown. But Prevention is better than cure. Let’s Make India from Corona Free. Stay Home, Stay Safe. #IndiaFightsCoronavirus

Coronavirus Myth Busters

There is a lot of false information about the spreading/ prevention methods of covid19 coronavirus. These are the facts as per the World Health Organization

♦ People of all ages can be infected by the coronavirus. Especially older people and persons with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart diseases were more vulnerable

♦ Cold weather and snow cannot kill the Covid19 coronavirus.

♦ The coronavirus can be transmitted in all areas with hot and humid climates

♦ The coronavirus cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites, there no proof as of today that mosquito bites transmit coronavirus

♦ There is no evidence that companion pets such as dogs or cats can transmit the coronavirus

♦ Taking a hot bath doesn’t prevent the coronavirus

♦ Hand dryers are not effective in killing the coronavirus

♦ Thermal scanners can only detect if people have a fever or not but cannot detect the coronavirus

♦ Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body will not kill viruses that have already entered your body

♦ Vaccines against pneumonia do not provide protection against the coronavirus.

♦ There is no evidence as today, that regularly rinsing the nose with saline as protected people from coronavirus

♦ Garlic is healthy but there is no evidence as of now that eating garlic as protected people from the coronavirus.

♦ Antibiotics do not work against viruses, antibiotics only work against bacteria.

♦ As of today, there is no specific medicine recommended to prevent/ treat the coronavirus

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Data Source India coronavirus live statistics: Govt of India