How to Catch and Defeat Shiny Darkrai in Pokemon Go Raids: Best Counters, Strategy Tips and Movesets

Darkrai, the fan-favorite Pitch-Black Pokémon, is appearing in Pokémon Go Raids once again. This ghoulish Pokémon made its home in the dreams of trainers, making it one of the most sought-after Pokémon in every game. Known for its high Attack stat and unique typing, Darkrai is a formidable opponent that requires strategic planning to defeat.

How to Catch and Defeat Shiny Darkrai in Pokemon Go Raids: Best Counters, Strategy Tips and Movesets
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Darkrai will be available for five days starting from February 15, 2024, at 10:00 am local time until February 20, 2024, at 10:00 am local time. This is a great opportunity for trainers who missed Darkrai during the 2023 Halloween season. It’s unclear whether Darkrai will be available in raids again in the future, so make sure to take advantage of this limited-time event.

Shiny Rate

While the exact shiny rate for Darkrai during the raid event is unknown, trainers who are specifically hunting for the shiny variant should participate in as many Darkrai raids as possible to increase their chances.

CP Ranges and IV Importance

A perfect IV Darkrai can be caught at the following CP ranges:

  • Level 20: 2048-2136 CP
  • Level 25 with weather boost (Fog): 2560-2671 CP

Individual Values (IVs) affect Darkrai’s overall strength and performance in battles. A Darkrai with higher IVs will have higher CP and HP, making it more effective in battles.

Typing and Weaknesses

Darkrai is a pure Dark-type Pokémon, which means it’s vulnerable to three different types of moves: Fighting, Bug, and Fairy. It is resistant to Dark, Ghost, and Psychic-type moves, so avoid using these types of moves in your builds.

Weather Boosts

Darkrai is weather boosted by Foggy conditions. This boost increases Darkrai’s level to 25 and its CP accordingly. Try to catch it during these conditions for a stronger Darkrai that will be immediately viable in most raid content.

Darkrai is a powerful Dark-type Pokémon that can be shiny in Pokémon Go raids. Learn how to catch and defeat it with the best counters, strategy tips, and movesets.
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Strategy Tips

While having a strong team and using effective counters is important, trainers can also utilize specific strategies for battling Darkrai. For example, dodging Darkrai’s charge moves can help your Pokémon last longer in battle. Additionally, utilizing different Pokémon with type advantages can help deal more damage to Darkrai.

Raid Group Size

Darkrai is a tough opponent that requires a team of high-level trainers with strong counters. A group size of 4-5 trainers is recommended, but the more, the merrier. Remember, the faster you take Darkrai down, the more catches you can get in!

Recommended Teams

Shadow variations of the Pokémon listed below are better picks over their normal counterparts due to their higher damage output. Here are some of the top attackers with their moves:

  • Terrakion with Double Kick and Sacred Sword
  • Gardevoir/Mega Gardevoir with Charm and Dazzling Gleam
  • Machamp (Shadow) with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Enamorus with Fairy Wind and Dazzling Gleam
  • Rayquaza (Shadow)/Mega Rayquaza with Dragon Tail and Dragon Ascent
  • Toxicroak (Shadow) with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Conkeldurr with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Volcarona with Bug Bite and Bug Buzz
  • Granbull (Shadow) with Charm and Play Rough
  • Hariyama (Shadow) with Counter and Dynamic Punch


Completing the Darkrai raid will reward trainers with XP, items, and potentially rare candies. These rewards can be beneficial for trainers interested in leveling up their Pokémon or obtaining more resources.

Community Day/Event Tie-Ins

Keep an eye out for any special events or bonuses tied to the Darkrai raid event, such as increased spawn rates for certain Pokémon or exclusive moves for raid bosses. These bonuses can provide additional incentives for participating in the raid.

How To Beat Darkrai in Pokémon Go

Darkrai may look like a formidable foe in Pokémon Go, but trainers shouldn’t be afraid of taking on this five-star raid in a smaller group. Four to five trainers with teams of powerful Fighting-type Pokémon should be enough to take down Darkrai.

How to Catch and Defeat Darkrai in Pokémon Go Raids: A Complete Guide
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That said, if you’re having trouble with a smaller group, try recruiting some remote raiders using the PokémonGoFriends subreddit or the Pokebattler Raid Party app.

If this Dark-type doesn’t suit your fancy and you’re looking for a different challenge, take a look at our Pokémon Go Raid schedule to see which bosses are on the horizon.

Pokémon Go February 2024 Raid Schedule

Raid TypePokémonStart Date & TimeEnd Date & Time
Mega RaidsMega AbsolFebruary 15, 10:00 amFebruary 22, 10:00 am
Mega GarchompFebruary 22, 10:00 amMarch 1, 10:00 am
5-Star RaidsEnamorusFebruary 14, 12:00 pmFebruary 20, 10:00 am
DarkraiFebruary 15, 10:00 amFebruary 20, 10:00 am
CresseliaFebruary 20, 10:00 amFebruary 21, 10:00 am
Uxie (Asia-Pacific)February 21, 10:00 amFebruary 22, 10:00 am
Mesprit (Europe, ME, IN)February 21, 10:00 amFebruary 22, 10:00 am
Azelf (Americas, Greenland)February 21, 10:00 amFebruary 22, 10:00 am
HeatranFebruary 22, 10:00 amFebruary 23, 10:00 am
Origin Forme GiratinaFebruary 23, 10:00 amFebruary 26, 10:00 am
Pokémon GO Tour: SinnohFebruary 24-25, 10:00amFebruary 25, 6:00 pm
6-Star RaidsMega Latios & LatiasJanuary 31 – February 15, 10:00 am
Raid HoursEnamorusFebruary 14, 12:00 pm & 5:00 pm
Darkrai (with Sludge Bomb)February 19, 6:00 pmFebruary 19, 7:00 pm
Cressalia (with Grass Knot)February 20, 6:00 pmFebruary 20, 7:00 pm
Uxie, Mesprit, AzelfFebruary 21, 6:00 pmFebruary 21, 7:00 pm
Heatran (with Magma Storm)February 22, 6:00 pmFebruary 22, 7:00 pm
Origin Forme Giratina (with Shadow Force)February 23, 6:00 pmFebruary 23, 7:00 pm
Pokémon GO Tour: SinnohFebruary 24-25, 10:00 amFebruary 25, 6:00 pm
Shadow RaidsShadow ArticunoWeekends of February


With the right team and strategy, you can defeat this formidable opponent and add it to your collection. Good luck with your raid!


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