Dusk Celebrates 5 Years of Retro Shooting with a HD update and Mod Support

Dusk, the retro-inspired first-person shooter developed by New Blood Interactive, is about to mark its fifth anniversary with a bang. To celebrate this milestone, the game is receiving a substantial visual upgrade known as the Dusk HD. This update, as showcased in a recent teaser trailer, promises to rejuvenate the classic shooter while maintaining its nostalgic charm.

Dusk HD update, Dusk HD release

Dusk HD Update:

The Dusk HD update is a significant event for both Dusk fans and lovers of classic shooters. This update, crafted by David Szymanski, the game’s creator, and Andrew Hulshult, the composer of its renowned soundtrack, is set to launch in December 2023. Crucially, it will be offered as a free, optional upgrade for all existing owners, ensuring that players can choose between the original experience or the enhanced HD version.

Central to the Dusk HD update are its visual enhancements. This includes high-resolution textures, revamped models, animations, improved lighting, and shadow effects, all of which combine to breathe new life into Dusk’s world. These changes aim to make Dusk even more visually appealing while preserving the beloved retro aesthetics.

SDK and Mod Support:

Beyond its visual makeover, the developers also plan to introduce an official SDK and mod support, opening the door to a world of creative possibilities for the Dusk community. All its game assets will be available for download via Steam Workshop, ensuring a robust ecosystem of user-generated content.

Release Details:

The update is expected to launch in December 2023 on Steam and GOG.com. It is currently unknown whether the Dusk HD update will extend to console versions on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. While we await official confirmation, the prospect of experiencing Dusk with enhanced visuals on these platforms remains tantalizing.

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