Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Chapter 3 Guide – The Streets of Midgar, Character Dynamics, and Strategic Gameplay

In the sprawling epicFinal Fantasy VII Rebirth, each chapter carves its own unique mark on the player’s journey, weaving a story of adventure, conflict, and camaraderie. Chapter 3, “The Streets of Midgar,” is where the game truly begins to unfurl its grand narrative tapestry, thrusting players into the gritty underbelly of a city teeming with life, danger, and intrigue.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Chapter 3 Guide - The Streets of Midgar, Character Dynamics, and Strategic Gameplay
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In this chapter, you join protagonists—Cloud Strife, the enigmatic mercenary with a clouded past; Tifa Lockhart, a fierce and compassionate fighter; and Barret Wallace, the passionate leader of the eco-terrorist group Avalanche—as they deepen their fight against the Shinra Electric Power Company. They aim to strike a significant blow to Shinra’s operations and shield the planet from the corporation’s rapacious energy extraction.

To give you an edge in the intense battles ahead, focusing on synergistic Materia combinations is crucial. Pairing Cloud’s Fire Materia with the Elemental Materia attached to his weapon can provide a significant boost in damage against enemies vulnerable to fire.

Similarly, equipping Tifa with Ice Materia and linking it with a Magnify Materia can allow her to deal area-of-effect damage, chilling multiple foes at once.

Positioning is also key; keep Barret in the backline to maximize his ranged attacks while Cloud and Tifa engage enemies up close, ensuring a balanced frontline and support strategy.

The Path Through Midgar: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough Main Objectives

Chapter 3 revolves around planning and executing a strategic assault on one of Shinra’s Mako reactors. This mission sets the tone for the group’s resistance efforts.

The Journey Begins

Your adventure starts in the Sector 5 slums. Here, you navigate a complex landscape of allies and adversaries. The area brims with lore, offering a glimpse into the lives of those most affected by Shinra’s greed.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Chapter 3 Guide - The Streets of Midgar, Character Dynamics, and Strategic Gameplay
Image credit: Square Enix

Key Locations and Objectives

The Sector 5 Slums: Your adventure kicks off here, introducing you to the local populace and their struggles. Engage with NPCs to unlock useful information and items.

The Abandoned Church: A significant plot location where you can find crucial items and possibly encounter Aerith Gainsborough, a character with deep ties to the planet’s mysteries.

Wall Market: This bustling marketplace is essential for stocking up on supplies, gear, and gathering intelligence for your mission against Shinira.

Vital Items and Side Quests

Exploration pays off in FF7 Rebirth. Key items like Potions, Phoenix Downs, and various Materia hide throughout the chapter. The “Cure Materia,” found in Aerith’s garden, is vital for keeping your party alive.

Side quests such as “Lost in the Slums” and “The Secrets of Wall Market” offer valuable rewards and deeper insights into Midgar’s complex society.

Combat Encounters: From Street Skirmishes to Boss Battles

Enemies in this chapter range from Shinra’s mechanical monstrosities to the mutated denizens of Midgar’s undercity. Exploiting elemental weaknesses—Lightning Materia works wonders against Shinra’s machinery—is an effective strategy.

The chapter climaxes with a high-stakes battle against the Guard Scorpion. This formidable foe demands tactical prowess and timely heals. Observing its attack patterns and striking at opportune moments are key to victory.

This chapter also marks a significant evolution in the dynamics between Cloud, Tifa, and Barret. As they navigate the challenges of Midgar together, their mutual trust deepens, revealing layers to their personalities and pasts that were previously unseen.

Cloud’s aloofness begins to wane in the face of Tifa’s unwavering kindness, while Barret’s tough exterior is juxtaposed with moments of genuine care for his comrades, showcasing a growing bond that strengthens their resolve against Shinra.

Character Focus: The Heroes of Midgar

Cloud Strife: As the group’s frontline fighter, Cloud’s balanced skill set in both attack and defense makes him indispensable. His Limit Breaks, particularly “Cross-Slash,” can turn the tide of battle.

Tifa Lockhart: Tifa’s rapid, powerful strikes make her excellent for close-quarters combat. Her Limit Break, “Beat Rush,” is perfect for dishing out heavy damage to single targets.

Barret Wallace: With his gun-arm, Barret excels in ranged attacks, providing support and covering fire. His “Big Shot” Limit Break is a boon against tougher foes.

Aerith Gainsborough, introduced as a non-playable character in this chapter, adds a layer of depth with her healing abilities and profound connection to the planet.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Chapter 3 Guide
Image credit: Square Enix

Chapter 3 introduces players to unique puzzles and interactive elements that require more than just combat prowess. The environmental puzzles in the Sector 5 Slums, for instance, demand keen observation and problem-solving skills.

Players must navigate through labyrinthine passages and manipulate machinery to progress. These elements add a layer of depth to the gameplay, encouraging exploration and engagement with the game’s richly detailed world.

Strategies and Pro Tips

Optimize Materia: Balance your Materia setup across characters to prepare for any encounter, be it against foes weak to magic or physical attacks.

Leverage the Environment: Midgar is rife with environmental elements that can be used to your advantage during combat.

Engage in Side Quests: Not only do they enrich the game’s world, but they also provide essential experience and items that can ease your journey.

Know Your Enemy: Studying enemy behaviors and weaknesses allows you to exploit them, making seemingly daunting battles manageable.

Wrapping Up the Streets of Midgar

As Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth concludes, you’re left with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation. The journey through Midgar’s streets is more than a series of battles; it’s an exploration of resilience, hope, and the bonds that form in the face of adversity.

With Shinra’s grip on the planet ever-tightening, Cloud and his companions’ fight is just beginning. What lies ahead promises to challenge them in ways they can’t yet imagine, setting the stage for a saga that will be remembered for ages to come. Stay tuned, for the rebellion is just getting started.


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