Fortnite Reveals New Crew Pack Cosmetics for March 2024: All Rewards and Katt Skin

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game, has been a sensation since its release. Its innovative approach to gaming, combined with its engaging gameplay, has made it a favorite among gamers worldwide. One of the game’s unique features is the Fortnite Crew subscription service, which has consistently provided exclusive skins to its members since December 2020.

As we approach the end of February, Epic Games is preparing for the Fortnite Crew March 2024 release. Fortnite has officially announced its new Crew Pack cosmetics for March 2024. The spotlight for this month is on a character named Katt.

Meet Katt: The Star of the Show

Katt is an Epic Fortnite Skin, part of the Kataclysm set. The charming cat character who pilots a massive mech suit, adding an element of fun and excitement to the game.

Katt Legacy Cosmetics: A Rewarding Journey

Every month of Crew Legacy subscription will allow you to unlock new Legacy Cosmetics. The available Katt Legacy Cosmetics are:

  • Kataclysm Legacy – 1 additional month Crew Subscription
  • Auric Legacy – 2 additional months Crew Subscription
  • Phase Legacy – 3 additional months Crew Subscription
  • Rimebound Legacy – 4 additional months Crew Subscription
  • Cosmic Legacy – 5 additional months Crew Subscription

Katt Kataclysm Set: Gear Up for Battle

Fortnite Reveals New Crew Pack Cosmetics for March 2024: All Rewards and Katt Skin

Katt’s set comes with a backbling and a weapon. The backbling, named Ro-Boy, is a tiny jet-pack shaped like a robot-cat, matching the sci-fi cat theme. The weapon is a harvesting tool, named Katt’s carver.

Additional Bonuses for Long-Term Subscribers

In addition to the exciting new Crew Pack cosmetics, Fortnite is also expected to include Legacy Styles for long-term subscribers. Along with these, the standard bonuses for the March 2024 Crew Pack are:

  • Chapter 5, Season 1 Battle Pass (or 950 V-Bucks)
  • Chapter 5, Season 2 Battle Pass
  • Rocket League: Rocket Pass Premium
  • 1,000 V-Bucks

These bonuses provide even more value to the Fortnite Crew subscription, making it a must-have for dedicated Fortnite fans. The March Pack and its cosmetics will be granted on March 1, 2024. So mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy these exclusive rewards!

How to Subscribe to the Fortnite Crew Pack

Fortnite Crew is a membership service that offers various benefits beyond just in-game cosmetics. Subscribers receive a skin, back bling, and pickaxe, along with 1,000 V-Bucks and the seasonal Battle Pass. The subscription is available for $11.99 per month without any long-term commitment, allowing subscribers to join and cancel as they please. You can subscribe to Fortnite Crew in-game or directly on Fortnite’s website.

With the new Crew Pack cosmetics for March 2024, Fortnite continues to provide its players with exciting content and rewards. So, gear up, subscribe to the Fortnite Crew, and join Katt in the Fortnite universe!


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