Ghazal Alagh faces backlash for comparing Mumbai-Nashik aerial view with Maldives

In a recent social media post, Ghazal Alagh, co-founder of beauty brand Mamaearth, took to the skies on a helicopter ride from Mumbai to Nashik, capturing the picturesque landscape below. Sharing a video on Twitter, she drew parallels between the aerial view of Maharashtra and the scenic beauty of the Maldives.

“If I told you I was in the Maldives right now, you’d believe me, right? But, I’m actually in a chopper from Mumbai to Nashik. India really is no less than the foreign countries that we aspire to go to. We just need to explore it more,” she wrote, which got a received mixed reactions from the netizens.

While Alagh’s post garnered hundreds of likes, not everyone agreed with the comparison. One user pointed out, “No, I’d not believe you were in Maldives when I can clearly see the red, volcanic soil of Maharashtra, home to all my known forefathers.”

Another sarcastically commented, “Hence it’s important NOT to miss one’s geography lessons in school. If one would have been more attentive, then one would have known how an island looks like and never would have compared an island with Nashik.”

“India is beautiful. Magnificent. Even better at times to many foreign countries, but if you want the comforts and luxuries of the foreign world, along with cleanliness, last mile tourism infrastructure, all this without breaking the bank, India has a long long way to go,” one user remarked.

Interestingly, Indians are found to travel to the Maldives a lot. The Ministry of External Affairs reports that Indians constitute the second-largest expatriate group in the Maldives, with a population of about 22,000, which comprises 11.2 percent of the total tourist arrivals as of 2023.

The controversy comes amid growing tensions between India and the Maldives following a controversial tweet by a Maldives minister regarding the Lakshadweep Islands. Several individuals, including celebrities and cricketers, have taken to social media to express solidarity with the archipelago, encouraging fellow citizens to explore the beauty of the Lakshadweep Islands.

Ghazal Alagh Bio: Age, Net worth, Husband, Children and awards

Ghazal Alagh Bio
NameGhazal Alagh
Date of birth02 September 1988
Place of birthGurgaon, Haryana, India
Age36 years
Net worth$19 million
PositionCo-founder and Chief Innovation Officer
ChildrenAgastya Alagh and Aarav Alagh
HusbandVarun Alagh
AwardsBest Brand of the Year, 40 Under 40, Super StartUps Asia Award


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