Apple Vision Pro: How Apple is Preparing its Retail Staff for the Launch of its Innovative Mixed-Reality Headset

In preparation for the upcoming launch of its groundbreaking mixed-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, Apple Inc. has initiated a comprehensive training program for its retail employees, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

Apple Vision Pro: How Apple is Preparing its Retail Staff for the Launch of its Innovative Mixed-Reality Headset

Early 2024 Launch Anticipation

Scheduled to hit the market in early 2024, the Apple Vision Pro aims to redefine immersive spatial experiences with its advanced features and functions. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed in a recent keynote speech that the device will utilize cutting-edge sensors and cameras to track user movements and surroundings. The result is a seamless projection of realistic 3D images and sounds onto a transparent display, promising a revolutionary leap in mixed-reality technology.

To ensure a successful retail launch, Apple is hosting secretive two-day training sessions for select retail employees. These sessions will take place in Cupertino, California, where employees from each Apple Store across the United States will gather to learn about the intricacies of the Apple Vision Pro. Sources suggest that the training event, set for the “first months” of 2024, will involve strict security measures, including non-disclosure agreements and a ban on photos and videos, to prevent leaks and spoilers.

As part of the training logistics, a few chosen individuals from each store will undergo the initial training in California. These trained employees will then return to their respective locations to educate the rest of the staff. Apple’s emphasis on in-person training highlights the significance of ensuring that employees are well-versed in the device’s capabilities ahead of the official launch.

In addition to employee training, Apple Stores are reportedly receiving new equipment to assemble and package the Apple Vision Pro headsets. This move suggests a strategic push for customers to pick up the device at physical stores, even if they initially place their orders online.

Availability and Pricing

Anticipation for the Vision Pro is heightened by details about its sleek and lightweight design, an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours, and compatibility with other Apple products, including the iPhone. The device will be estimated priced around $1,500.

Apple Vision Pro Launch Got Pushed-Back to March 2024; Here’s Why

While initial reports suggested a January release, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman notes that Apple is likely to miss that deadline. However, he anticipates the release to occur before March, barring unforeseen obstacles.


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