How to concentrate on Study for long hours during exams without getting distracted

How to concentrate on Study for long hours during exams without getting distracted

How to concentrate on studies: We often heard from our fellow friends or we experienced distracting, lack of concentration of studies, Well don’t be worry much it happens to even the best students. Changing our study pattern will help to boost concentration in easier. Follow the 6 steps from below which proposed and supported by highly qualified psychological researchers

The most frequently used study techniques were such as memorizing flashcards, spending long hours at a time on a particular subject, last-minute cramming, study in a quieter place and taking breaks for a short period might not helping much. Let’s try a new technique backed by psychological research

Different ways to improve concentration and focus on studies

♦ Cutoff Distractions

While studying make sure ourselves from less distraction as much as possible. Avoid Text messages, Phone calls and long conversion with others while studying. Try to isolate from the outside world while studying, will increase your concentration and focus on studies

♦ Right Time for Right concentration

Picking a hard time for studying is of the major factor to lose concentration and getting more distraction. Avoid study for a heavy workout, heavy dinner or lunch, and party time

Plan your 24 hours and pick the best time to study which best fits our minds from less distraction. The most optimal time for study is in the morning times, our minds will be most alert and productive in the early hours of the day. Pick your optimal time in the morning from 4 am to 6 am

♦ Stay Hydrated, Quench Your Thirst

Our brain detects every minute changes in physiology and sends signals to us. Early warning of dehydration is the decrease in the ability to focus. Make sure always hydrated to make our brains to get focus on studies rather than changes in physiology

Drink plenty of water before going for study hours

♦ Avoid Cramming

Our brain remembers information for long-term by reading and reviewing a lot more than by cramming the night before an exam

Many types of research-backed last-minute cramming will not enhance our long-term memory. Just follow thumb rule “slow and steady wins the race”

♦ Find Meaning and Relate

Just memorizing any piece of information doesn’t stick long term, make a deep impact with relating what you study to real life

Visualization and applying it to our own life, our brain remembers it long term period. understand what to read and reapply it

Example: While study Science, think practical output ad related to your self

♦ Take a Short Break

Taking a short break while studying will minimizing distraction and maximizing focus on study. Taking short breaks re-energizes the brain which maximizing studying time

Take short breaks during a 50-minute task helps to stay focus on study and avoid distractions of tiredness and boredom

Tips to make you focus and get concentrate on studies

How to concentrate on study

◊ Take a break about 5 to 10 mins for every 60 mins

◊ Make mind free from all thoughts, good or bad

◊ Memorize and revise what you studied every 1 hour or 2 hours

◊ Reward yourself by testing your IQ

◊ Segregate important to unimportant topics

◊ Summarize what you read in loud

◊ Make short notes with figures like charts, bars, drawing. It helps to memorize in the long term

◊ Avoid Text messages, Phone calls, Internet usage (Browsing unrelated and unwanted) while studying

◊ Create a peaceful and pleasant environment while studying

◊ Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated

◊ To make free from negative thoughts, listen to soft music while studying

◊ Finally, eat wet and get enough sleep, 7 to 8 hours

Study according to the mentioned tips, you will never search for “How to concentrate on studies” again. Follow Fdaytalk for more tips on studies and career, Let Make Easy

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