How to Mine Crypto on Mobile: Best Crypto Mining Apps

In cryptocurrencies, you’ve probably heard of “mining,” but when it comes to mobile devices, it’s not quite what you might think. Your mobile phone might not have the power to mine popular cryptocurrencies, but don’t let that discourage you! There are still plenty of ways to earn crypto rewards right from your Android device. Let’s dive into the top 9 crypto mining apps for Android and Ios:

How to mine crypto on mobile: Best Crypto Mining Apps
How to mine crypto on mobile: Best Crypto Mining Apps | Image credit: Bing Designer

Top 9 crypto mining apps for Android and Ios

1. Pi Network: This unique project lets you “mine” Pi coins with their app. But remember, “mining” is a term used lightly here.

Cryptocurrency Mining Apps

The Pi Network app uses a modified version of the Stellar Consensus Protocol, allowing you to participate without needing a lot of computational resources. Because of its Protocol, app consumes low energy as similar to regular apps. As of today (04 March 2024), the price of Pi is $ 34.48 per (PI / USD).

2. NiceHash: As a leading cryptocurrency mining platform, NiceHash offers mining solutions for GPU and CPU miners, as well as ASIC miners. Use the NiceHash mobile app to manage your cryptocurrency wallets, mining rigs, and NiceHash account.

Android Crypto Mining

It also features the NiceHash hashpower marketplace, where you can place new orders for hashrate or cancel existing ones.

3. CryptoTab: CryptoTab Browser, the world’s first browser with mining features, allows you to earn Bitcoin rewards while browsing. It incorporates the fastest built-in mining algorithm.

Earn Crypto Rewards with CryptoTab

The Cloud.Boost feature accelerates the mining hashrate in CryptoTab Browser without consuming additional power from your device. You have the ability to activate multiple multipliers simultaneously on one or more devices.

CryptoTab Browser is available as both a desktop application and an android/iOS app.

4. Binance: Its the world’s top crypto exchange, offers a cloud mining feature. This method enables individuals to mine cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, without owning or managing the mining hardware themselves. Instead, they rent processing power from remote data centers to mine cryptocurrency.

Binance Cloud Mining app

In the case of Binance, users purchase a certain amount of hashrate from the Binance Pool mining pool. They then receive BTC mining rewards in their Funding Wallet on Binance.

5. App: is a popular platform for cryptocurrency miners. They offer a mobile app that’s a great companion for any miner mining through the pool.

The app lets you monitor the status of the Bitcoin mining network, including key information like the current hashrate and mining difficulty.

6. Brave Browser: It’s a popular crypto-friendly browser, offers BAT token rewards. By opting in to view advertisements, users can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) through the Brave Rewards program.

Brave Browser BAT

Brave shares 70% of its ad revenue with users, which they can use to purchase gift cards, support content creators, or trade for other currencies.

7.Electroneum: This mobile app allows users to earn ETN tokens through cloud mining. The app runs in the background and does not drain much battery power. Users can start mining ETN within minutes of downloading the Electroneum app.

Electroneum ETN mint coins

The ETN tokens can be used for mobile top-ups, online shopping, and more. As of today (04 March 2024), the price of Pi is $0.0057248 per (ETN / USD).

8. StormX: It’s not a mining app, but it allows you to earn cryptocurrency through rewards. By shopping online, users can earn Crypto Cashback ranging from 0.5% to over 87.5%.

Earn Crypto Rewards while shopping

After downloading the StormX app and selecting a store, users shop as they normally would. Following the purchase and delivery of the item, Crypto Rewards are deposited into the user’s StormX account. Once the rewards reach $10 or more, users can withdraw them to their crypto wallet.

9. Cointiply: Similar to StormX, provides users with opportunities to earn Bitcoin through games, ads, and a faucet.

Mobile Mining apps

Users can accumulate coins by taking surveys, completing tasks, watching videos, shopping online, or signing up for services. By sharing their opinions on popular products and businesses, users can earn real cryptocurrency.

Remember, these apps aren’t mining cryptocurrencies in the traditional sense. They offer alternative ways to earn rewards, like viewing ads, completing surveys, or participating in cloud mining. So, if you’re looking to earn some extra crypto on your Android or iOS devices, these apps are a great place to start!


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