Constitution of India -Fundamental Duties | PART IV(A) | Article 51A

Constitution of India 


Fundamental Duties of Indian constitution

PART IV A  |  Article 51A


Fundamental duties are subsequently added to Indian constitution in 1976 by 42nd Amendment on the recommendation of Dr. Swaran Singh committee

Originally there were 10 fundamental duties . But in 2002, by 86th Amendment one more duty was added, providing primary educational facilities to their children between 6-14 yrs

Note: Added Fundamental Duty, Article 51A(k). i e., 11th Fundamental duty


The concept of Fundamental duties was taken from Russia. These Fundamental duties are Non-Justicable


11 fundamental duties are given as below

a) National flag and National Anthem respect

b) Cherish the national struggle for freedom

c) Uphold sovereignty, unity and integrity of India

d) National service required, get ready for service 

e) Promote harmony and spirit

f) Value, Preserve the rich heritage of the country

g) Protect natural environment

h) To develop scientific temper, humanism

i) To safeguard public property

j) Towards excellence- achievement and endeavour

k) Education for children


Criticism of Fundamental rights

1) Fundamental duties were not Justiciable

2) Some aspects like payment of taxes regularly, exercise vote properly, practicing family planning were not include in fundamental duties

3) Fundamental duties convey an element of suspicion against citizens

4) There are certain words, wordings or expression like composite culture, scientific temper do not have specific meanings

5) Fundamental are limitation on Fundamental rights


However rights and duties are complementary to each other like two side of the same coin

i.e., Rights without duties leads to irresponsibility and Only duties with No rights results in slavery


In 2002, Verma committee suggested fundamental duties should include in school and college curriculum, so the students should thought these duties


Quick NotesFundamental rights of Indian citizen


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