Intoxicated American passenger bites ANA flight attendant, forces plane to return to Tokyo

US News: A bizarre event was reported: an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight from Tokyo to Seattle had to turn back after an American passenger allegedly bit a female cabin crew member arm’s, causing minor injuries.

The incident occurred on January 16, 2024, about an hour after the Boeing 787-8 jet with 159 passengers on board took off from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

Intoxicated American passenger bites ANA flight attendant, forces plane to return to Tokyo
American passenger bites ANA flight attendant

According to an ANA spokesperson, the passenger, a 55-year-old man, was “heavily drunk” and became unruly during the flight. He reportedly bit a cabin attendant’s arm when she tried to calm him down.

However, the man told a different story to the police after he was arrested on arrival at Haneda. He claimed that he had taken a sleeping pill and did not remember what happened. He also denied biting the flight attendant.

The incident caused a 19-hour delay for the flight, causing inconvenience to the other passenger. ANA apologized for the incident and said it would cooperate with the authorities in the investigation.

Earlier this month, a similar bizarre incident was reported: an American Airlines flight to Montana in the U.S. had to be diverted to a Texas airport because a passenger punched a flight attendant after being asked to stop kicking the seat in front of him.

This was one of the several recent incidents that affected the Japanese aviation industry. On January 2, 2024, a Japan Airlines plane collided with a smaller coastguard plane at Haneda, killing five people and injuring 379. On January 13, 2024, a crack was discovered in the window of the cockpit of an ANA domestic flight, forcing it to return to the airport.

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