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Find Lost Phone With Anti-theft Apps


Find Lost Phone With App : Lost Phone ? Not to worry much, there are handful of Phone Recovery apps/Anti- theft apps available on Google Play store which can be lifesaver in case lose/stolen.

We are having plenty of  applications for recovery of phone( Stolen/lost Phones). Some of best and some not. Let see how these anti thief apps/applications works.


Google: Find My Device 

Find by Google’s Find My Device service 

Google’s Find My Device is one the easiest tool to find your lost phone. To find your device, it mandatory that your device is connected with your Google account and allow Find my device to turn ON from device Administrators 

Find Lost Phone With Mobile App

To Use Google Find Device service, the only requirement is that – Android phone must connect to google account and internet.

By Just typing ” find my phone” in google, we can see phone Location, google automatically track down your phone.

Find Lost Phone With Mobile App

After sign in, we can see Google Find my phone panel/dashboard. In that, we have Play Sound, Lock, Erase options. 

Find Lost Phone With Mobile App

Play Sound, it makes device to ring at maximum sound even if set to silent, Device made to ring for 5 mins, stops by pressing power button.


Lock, we can lock our device just by one click. We can add Message and phone number to lock screen. 

 Find Lost Phone With Mobile App

Erase, We can erase all the data by just one click. Data will be permanently erased from this device, if Device is offline, erasing will began when it next come online.


Prey Anti thief

Prey is known for anti theft solutions for phones and also Laptops. we can protect our laptops in prey.

With the free edition/account of prey anti theft, we can track up to 3 devices. 

Download prey anti theft  

Find Lost Phone With Mobile App

After sign in, dashboard looks like above picture. In Prey we have options like Device adding, Control Zones for creating geofence, Map and Actions, Reports, Activity Logs and Device hardware info.

Maps and Actions, it gives us location of the device and options of

  LOCK – Locks the device from being used until a password is entered

  SOUND ALARM – Makes loud sound for 30 seconds

  SEND MESSAGE -Display message on the device

  WIPE DATA- Erase all the data

  RETRIEVE FILES – Retrieve data of erased.

Activity Log, it provides the data of last activities like WiFi connected locations and device locations.

Frequently asked questions regarding Lost/stolen phones:

1    Will phone ring in fight mode ?

           Yes, We can make alarm sound to ring at maximum volume if it is connected with internet(WiFi ON state) 

   Will insurance covers for lost phone ?

           Yes, need to have FIR copy to claim insurance 

   Can lost phone be tracked ?

           Yes, Can be tracked with anti theft software/apps

   Can a lost phone be tracked by IMEI number ?

           Yes, Possible to track with IMEI numbe

    Can get sim change notifications ?

           Yes, we can receive SMS alerts when someone changes SIM’s

Some of Popular apps:

McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

Cerberus anti theft

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus 

Avira Antivirus Security


Choose Best – Stay safe and secure 


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