Mobile Legends Karina Guide: Builds, Battle Spells, and Counter Strategies

Mobile Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with a diverse roster of heroes. One such hero is Karina, known for her burst damage and ability to take down enemies quickly. This article will provide best guide on the best build, revamped emblem, battle spells, and strategies to counter Karina.

Mobile Legends Karina Guide: Builds, Battle Spells, and Counter Strategies
Mobile Legends Karina Guide: Builds, Counters & More | Image credit: wiki

Karina Skills

Shadow Combo (Passive): When Karina attacks the same enemy three times in a row, she deals extra true damage. This damage is a small percentage of her magic power and the target’s lost HP. If she targets an enemy hero, her non-ultimate skills cool down faster.

Dance of Blades (Skill 1): Karina enters a state called Dance of Blades. In this state, she moves faster, blocks all incoming Basic Attacks, and reflects Magic Damage back to the attacker. Her Basic Attack during this state deals Magic Damage, slows the target, and guarantees a critical strike. If she casts the enhanced Basic Attack or Shadow Assault, the Dance of Blades state ends early.

Dance of Death (Skill 2): Karina performs a spinning slash that deals Magic Damage to nearby enemies.

Shadow Assault (Ultimate): Karina rushes towards the target enemy hero, dealing Magic Damage. She applies a Shadow Mark to them and leaves a Shadowform behind them. Both the Shadow Mark and Shadowform last for 5 seconds. If the enemy dies within this time, this skill’s cooldown resets.

Best Karina Build

To maximize Karina’s Magic Damage and survivability, consider this optimal build:

  • Magic Boots: For extra Cooldown Reduction 
  • Flame Retribution: Use only if you’re playing Karina Jungle. 
  • Starlium Scythe: Your Basic Attack will deal True Damage after casting a skill. 
  • Holy Crystal: For a massive Magic Power boost. 
  • Concentrated Energy: Gives additional Hybrid Lifesteal and increases Magic Power when dealing Magic Damage. 
  • Divine Glaive: Offers massive Magic Penetration based on the enemy’s Magic Defense. 
  • Blood Wings: Provides a regenerating shield based on Magic Power. 
  • Winter Truncheon: Grants temporary invulnerability, but you can’t move or cast skills. 
  • Immortality: Gives you a free revive when killed in combat.

Best Emblems for Karina

Karina works best with the Mage Emblem Set. Here are the tiers you should consider:

  • Tier 1: Thrill – Gives Karina an extra Adaptive Attack 
  • Tier 2: Weapons Master – Increases the Physical Attack and Magic Power Karina gains from other sources 
  • Tier 3: Impure Rage – When Karina damages enemy heroes with skills, she deals bonus damage and restores Mana

Best Battle Spells for Karina

The right Battle Spell can greatly improve Karina’s performance:

Mobile Legends Karina Guide
Mobile Legends Karina Guide: Builds, Counters and More | Image credit: wiki
  • Retribution: If you’re playing Karina as a jungler, this is the best Battle Spell. It helps Karina farm faster. 
  • Vengeance: This spell reflects damage back to attackers and gives Karina a Damage Reduction buff. 
  • Flicker: This is a general-use Battle Spell for most heroes. It’s great for escaping. 
  • Purify: Although not recommended, this spell can counter most heavy-CC enemies. 
  • Execute: This spell deals additional damage to enemies. 
  • Petrify: Use this spell when Karina is caught up with enemies.

How to Counter Karina

To counter Karina, you need strategic play and the right item selection. Here are some tips:

  • Keep your HP above 70%: Karina deals burst damage and can easily take down any low health enemy.
  • Don’t go alone and prioritize team fights: Karina is good at picking off lone targets.
  • Control vision: Karina often hides to assassinate targets with low health. Controlling vision will prevent your team from being surprised when Karina gets close.
  • Attack her if her ultimate is on cooldown: Karina relies on her ultimate.
  • Use items that increase HP and magic defense such as Oracle, Athena’s Shield, Radiant Armor, and Cursed Helmet.
  • Anti burst damage items like Winter Truncheon, Queen’s Wings, and Immortality can help you survive Karina’s ultimate.
  • Slow Karina’s running speed by kiting her with Corrosion Scythe and Ice Queen Wand.
  • Heroes that counter Karina include Eudora, Ruby, Akai, Natalia, and Fanny.

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