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Puzzle Contest | Guess Puzzle Win Cash

puzzle contest

Puzzle Contest

F D A Y T A L K 


Puzzle Code- 15

Puzzle contest
Break The Logic


Lucky 3 Users with Correct Answer will be awarded with Paytm Cash Rs 10 – Rs 100.

Answer will be opened on Friday @ 11 PM



  Puzzle Contest Closes on Friday ie., 30th March 2018 @ 11 PM

2    Users must write Valid Mail, Paytm Registered Phone number and puzzle code.

3    Wrong puzzle code will not considered



He was born on December 31st and spoke about it on January 1st.

Two Days Ago, I was Just 12

Dec 30: 12
Dec 31: 13
Jan 1 (this year): 13

Next year I will turn 15

Dec 31 (this year): 14
Dec 31 (next year): 15


Congratulations to Winner of Fdaytalk Puzzle Contest (Puzzle Code 15) – Bhanu Prakash 

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One thought on “Puzzle Contest | Guess Puzzle Win Cash

  1. Banu Prakash – Your answer Reached Us.. If your answer is correct, paytm cash will be credited within 1-2 hrs for 3 lucky users after puzzle contest closes(official mail : [email protected]). DON’T RESPOND TO OTHER MAILS. Thank you