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1) What is the Electro Motive Force EMF of Voltic cell is ?
a) 2.5 volts
b) 1.9 volts
c) 3.5 volts
d) 1.08 volts

2) Mercury is also known as ?
a) Sliver
b) Quick Silver
c) Artificial Gold
d) Artificial Silver

3) Green Revolution began in India in the year of ?
a) 1965 – 67
b) 1964 – 67
c) 1966 – 67
d) 1963- 67

4) Head Quarter of Regional Rural Bank, RRB is located at ?
a) Hyderabad
b) Chennai
c) New Delhi|
d) Kolkata

5) 1 Calorie is equal to ?
a) 4.186 Joules
b) 41.86 Joules
c) 0.4186 Joules
d) 418.6 Joules

6) On expansion of carbon dioxide, it changes into ?
a) Dry Ice
b) Liquid
c) Vapour
d) Solid

7) By which Instrument Radio activity is detected ?
a) Radiometer
b) G.M. Counter
c) Radioactive meter
d) All the above

8) S.I unit of temperature ?
a) Degree
b) Centigrade
c) Kelvin
d) All the above

9) In which model, Nuclear theory is explained/illustrated ?
a)  Rutherford Model
b) Thomson Model
c) Bohr’s Model
d) Plank Model

10) Temporary hardness of water is due to presence of ?
a) Bicarbonates of Calcium
b) Bicarbonates of Magnesium
c) Bicarbonates of Chlorine
d) Bicarbonates of Hydrocarbons
A) a and b   B) Only a   C) Only b  D) Only c D) All the above

11) Permanent hardness of water is due to presence of ?
a) Chloride and Sulphates of Calcium
b) Magnesium
c) Bicarbonates of Chlorine
d) Bicarbonates of Hydrocarbons
A) a and b   B) Only a   C) Only B  D) Only c  E) All the above

12) Due which deficiency, Anemia occurs  ?
a) Zinc
b) Iron
c) Sulphur
d) Phosphate

13) Which metal/element is known as stable element ?
a) Gold
b) Lead
c) Tin
d) Mercury

14) Which of the following is used for rats killing ?
a) Zinc Sulphur
b) Zinc Phosphide
c) Zinc Sulphate
d) Zinc Chloride

15) To Prevent from termites, wood furniture were coated with ?
a) Zinc Sulphur
b) Zinc Phosphide
c) Zinc Sulphate
d) Zinc Chloride

16) Which is used for artificial rain ?
a) Silver Nitrate
b) Sliver Iodine
c) Sliver Chloride
d) Sliver Hydroxide

17) What is the chemical name of Vitamin K ?
a) Calciferol
b) Teroil Glutamic
c) Biotin
d) Filoqubnone

18) External Ear of humans is also known as ?
a) Tympanic Cavity
b) Stapes
c) Pinna
d) All of the above

19) Which are the following disease occurs due to deficiency ?
a) Anaemia
b) Goiter
c) Night Blindness
d) Beri-Beri
e) All the above

20) Which of the following is the first super computer develop by India ?
a) Flosolver
b) IBM Pentium
c) Indra
d) India Edge 14

21) 1 Mega Bytes is equal to ?
a) 1024 * 1024 Bytes
b) 10024 * 10024 Bytes
c) 1024 * 1024 Bits
d) 2024 * 2024 Bytes

22) What is the full form of BIOS ?
a) Basic Input Output System
b) Bios Input Output System
c) Basic IC Output System
d) Basic Input Output Setting

23) Who is the founder of Yoga Darshana ?
a) Kapila
b) Jaimini
c) Badarayana
d) Patanjali

24) According to Hindu Vivaha, Gandharva Vivaha is about ?
a) Love Marriage
b) Marriage by Kidnapped
c) Marriage by Dowry
d) Arranged Marriage

25) Right to freedom in Indian Constitution constituted in ?
a) Article 19 to Article 22
b) Article 19 to Article 23
c) Article 18 to Article 22
d) Article 19 to Article 24

26) Full form of NABARD ?
a) National for Agriculture and Rural Development
b) National Bank for Agri and Rural Development
c) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
d) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Developing
Note: NABARD established in 1982

27) Range of Mercury thermometer is about ?
a) 30⁰ C to 350⁰ C
b) -30⁰ C to -350⁰ C
c) -30⁰ C to 250⁰ C
d) -30⁰ C to 350⁰ C

28) What is the S.I unit of Surface Tension ?
a) Newton per meter
b) Newton
c) Newton per second
d) Newton per minute

29) What is the chemical name of Folic acid ?
a) Methyltetrahydrofolate
b) Tetrahydrofolic acid
c) Teroil Glutamic
d) N-acyl-amino acid

30) Who is the founder of Nyaya Darshana ?
a) Akshapada Gautama
b) Mitra Varma
c) Mitra Guatama
d) Gautami

31) Which country leads in producing Gold ?
a) South Africa
b) India
c) Dubai
d) USA

32) 2 Nibble is equal to ?
a) 8 Bits
b) 1 Bytes
c) Both
d) Only A

33) Full form of WWW ?
a) World Wide Web
b) World Web Wide
c) Web World Wide
d) Web Wide World

34) Parliament of Pakistan is known as ?
a) Sansad
b) Federal Assembly
c) Jatiya Sansad
d) National Assembly

35) Maltase enzyme convert maltose into ?
a) Fructose
b) Glucose
c) Lactose
d) sugar

36) Which is the longest river in the world ?
a) Nile
b) Mississippi
c) Ganga
d) Amazon

37) In Economy terms, Budget Deficit is known as ?
a) Total Expenditure – Total Receipts
b) Total Expenditure – Net Tax Revenue
c) Total Expenditure – Plan Expenditure
d) Net Tax Revenue – Gross Tax Revenue

38) In Metric system, Zelta (Z) is about ?
a) 10²¹
b) 10²²
c) 10¹²
d) 10²³

39) Which of the following is known as smallest flower ?
a) Raflesia Arnoldi
b) Wolfia
c) Rose
d) Lilly

40) Clove in the plant is known as ?
a) Stigma of flower
b) Root of Plant
c) Bud of flower
d) Stem of plant

41) Present of Carbon dioxide in the blood accelerates Heart Beat by ?
a) Reducing Oxygen levels
b) Reducing sugar level
c) Reducing pH
d) None of the above

42) Pick the odd, List of Maharatna companies ?
d) HAL

43) Tomato juice will have nature of ?
a) Acidic
b) Alkaline
c) Sweet
d) Sour

44) Toothpaste will have nature of ?
a) Acidic
b) Alkaline
c) Sweet
d) Sour

45) Who is the earliest known Pandyan Ruler of dynasty ?
a) Mudukudumi
b) Pudappandiyan
c) Paruvaludhi
d) Nedunjeliyan I

46) Who is the last king of Khilji dynasty ?
a) Mubarak Khan
b) Khusrau Khan
c) Mohammad bin Tughlaq
d) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

47) What is the Royal emblem of Pandya Kingdom ?
a) Fish
b) Tiger
c) Bow
d) Elephant

48) Who is the Author of Akbar Nama book ?
a) Jahangir
b) Akbar
c) Gulbadan Begum
d) Abul Fazl

49) Measles disease affects to which part of the human body ?
a) Immune System
b) Eyes
c) Kidneys
d) Entire body

50) Little deaf disease in mango is due to deficiency of ?
a) Zinc
b) Copper
c) Manganese
d) Oxygen

51) On which Vertebrate column human head is placed ?
a) Surbycle Vertebrate
b) Lumbes
c) Atlas
d) Cadel

52) Plants which grows on Sand is known as ?
a) Lithophytes
b) Psammophytes
c) Sclerocytes
d) Eremophytes

53) Parliament of Japan is known as ?
a) Shora
b) Folkating
c) Pyithu Hluttaw
d) Diet

54) By which isotopes tuberculosis disease can be detected ?
a) Radio- Sodium
b) Radio – Iodine
c) Radio – Uranium
d) Radio – Iron

55) Which isotopes is used to measure speed of blood ?
a) Radio- Sodium
b) Radio – Iodine
c) Radio – Uranium
d) Radio – Iron

56) Which is know as smallest bird among Indian birds ?
a) Humming Bird
b) Sun Bird
c) Ostrich
d) Draft Bird

57) Chemical Name of Vitamin B3 ?
a) Nicotin amide
b) Ascorbic acid
c) Pantothenic acid
d) Biotin

58) Which is know for maximum electrons acceptance element ?
a) Helium
b) Gold
c) Copper
d) Chlorine

59) Which element is usually kept inside the Kerosene oil ?
a) Chlorine
b) Sodium
c) Hydrogen
d) Helium

60) In which natural source Benzoic acid is obtained found ?
a) Grass
b) Leaves
c) Urine
d) All the above

61) Plants which grows on rocks is know as ?
a) Lithophytes
b) Psammophytes
c) Sclerocytes
d) Eremophytes

62) Birbal a had title of ?
a) Kavi Priya
b) Kavi Smarat
c) Kavi Naya
d) Kavi Virat

63) Partition of Bengal came into effect on ?
a) 16 Oct 1903
b) 16 Oct 1904
c) 16 Oct 1905
d) 16 Oct 1906

64) Poona Pact is known as ?
a) Gandhi Nehru Pact
b) Gandhi Ambedkar pact
c) Gandhi British
d) None of the above

65) Indian National Army, INA is formed in 1942 by ?
a) Subash Chandra Bose
b) Mohan Singh
c) Rash Behari Bose
d) Nehru

66) In which year Gandhi Irwin pact held ?
a) 1931
b) 1932
c) 1933
d) 1934

67) Which committee is appointed to raise standard of educations  in India like as in Britain ?
a) Harshell Plan
b) Maclagon Plan
c) Whitelay Plan
d) Sargent Plan

68) Pick the odd, Seven 7 wonders of Ancient world ?
a) Hanging Garden of Babylon
b) Pyramids of Egypt
c) Statue of Zeus
d) Taj Mahal

69) Which planet is known as Winter planet ?
a) Jupiter
b) Mars
c) Venus
d) Uranus

70) Pick the odd, Characteristic of Comet ?
a) Icy and small Solar System body
b) Long Luminous tail
c) Emits lights
d) It travels with a speed of 50 Mach

71) Plants which on dessert or Stepi ?
a) Lithophytes
b) Psammophytes
c) Sclerocytes
d) Eremophytes

72) In which Article India constitution stated as “No discrimination against any citizen on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex place of birth ” ?
a) Article 24
b) Article 23
c) Article 15
d) Article 22

73) S.I unit of power ?
a) Watt 
b) Volt
c) Newton
d) Hertz

74) Who is the founder of Nalanda Buddhist university at Bihar ?
a) Kumaragupta I
b) Dharmapala
c) Gopala
d) Bhattarka

75) Who is the founder of Vallabhi Buddhist university at Bihar ?
a) Kumaragupta I
b) Dharmapala
c) Gopala
d) Bhattarka

76) Chemical name of Vitamin B3 ?
a) Calciferol
b) Phylloquinone
b) Tocopherols
d) Niacin

77) Which mineral substance helps in stimulating Insulin ?
a) Zinc
b) Cobalt
c) Iodine
d) Magnesium

78) Which mineral substance helps to activate and regulate muscular, nervous system ?
a) Zinc
b) Cobalt
c) Iodine
d) Magnesium

79) Which Radio-Isotopes is used to cure Bone diseases ?
a) Radio – Iodine
b) Radio – Sodium
c) Radio – Phosphorous
d) Radio – Uranium

80) Angle of Bonding in covalent compound of water ?
a) 105
b) 180
c) 120
d) 360

1) d  2) b  3) c  4) d  5) b  6) a  7) b  8) c  9) a 10) a  11) a  12) b  13) b  14) b  15) d  16) b  17) d  18) c  19) e  20) a  21) a  22) a  23) d  24) a  25) a  26) c  27) d  28) a  29) c  30) a  31) a  32) c  33) a  34) d  35) b  36)a  37) a  38) a  39) b  40) c  41) c  42) d  43) a  44) b  45) a  46) b  47) a  48) d  49) d  50) a  51) c  52) b  53) d  54) d  55) a  56) b  57) c  58) d  59) b  60) d  61) a  62) a  63) c  64) b  65) c  66) a  67) d  68) d  69) a  70) d  71) d  72) c  73) a  74) a  75) d  76) d  77) a  78) d  79) c  80) a

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