Should I Shut My Computer Down or Put It in Sleep Mode?

Should I Shut My Computer Down or Put It in Sleep Mode?

We often have doubts about whether to completely shut down our computer/laptop or simply put it into hibernate or sleep mode. Let’s learn which is best and which is preferred, and also try to understand what happens internally when we turn our computer into sleep mode.

Shutdown vs Sleep Mode

Shut down or Sleep Mode: it depends on how long you plan to be away from your computer. If you will only be away for a short period of time (less than 30 minutes), it is best to put your computer into sleep mode.

This allows your computer to quickly resume where you left off and uses less power than if it were fully shut down. However, if you will be away for an extended period of time (more than 2 hours), it is best to shut down your computer.

This will save power and prevent any potential problems that can occur when a computer is left in sleep mode for an extended period of time.

What happens internally when we computer into sleep mode

When a computer is put into sleep mode, it enters a low-power state where the majority of its functions are suspended. In this state, the computer’s RAM (random access memory) is still powered, which allows the computer to quickly resume where it left off when it is awakened.

Should I Shut My Computer Down or Put It in Sleep Mode?

However, the CPU (central processing unit) and other components are powered down, which reduces the computer’s power consumption.

When a computer is in sleep mode, the display is turned off, and the system enters a low-power state. Any open programmes and files remain in memory, so when the computer wakes up, it returns to the same state as it was before it entered sleep mode.

Any network connections, such as the internet and Bluetooth, are also suspended while in sleep mode.

It’s useful when you need to save power, and you don’t want to lose your work, but don’t want to wait for the computer to boot up and load your files and programs.

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