Latest Telangana History Book Download

Latest Telangana History Book Download

Telangana History is considered as one of the major scoring subjects in state exams like TS Junior Panchayat Secretary, VRO,  TS Police and other TSPSC Groups exams.

Telangana History Ancient Period to Modern ( 2014) with Key Points and Chapter Wise Bits, MCQ Questions | Complete TS History for all Competitive Exams TSPSC, APPSC, UPSC, State PSC’s, Railways and Banks IBPS

Inside Book: TS History, No of Pages: 612; No of Questions: 2000+

Content: Telangana History Ancient to Modern Period

  1. Pre Historical Age
  2. Satavahana Age
  3. Ikshvakus to Rishnukundins
  4. Post-Satavahana Age – Vakataka’s
  5. Vishnukundin’s
  6. Chalukyan Age
  7. Rashtrakutas
  8. Kakatiya Age
  9. Rachakonda Rulers and Musunuri Nayakas
  10. Rule of Bahamani’s
  11. Qutb Shahi Rule 1518 to 1687
  12. Mughal Interregnum and Developments
  13. Establishment of Asafjahis Rule
  14. Administrative System of Asafjahis
  15. Salarjung Reforms 1853 to 1883
  16. 1857 Revolt in Hyderabad
  17. Samsthanas in Hyderabad State
  18. Asafjahis Rule Revenue Land Tenure System
  19. Modernization of Asaf Jahi’s in Hyderabad State
  20. Folklore and Sub-Castes in Telangana Regions
  21. Socio-Cultural and Library Movements in Telangana
  22. Bhoodan Movement in Telangana state
  23. Freedom struggle in Hyderabad State
  24. Women Movements in Telangana
  25. Telangana History – Quick to Memorize (1948-2014)
  26. Telangana History – 1948 to 1956
  27. Telangana History – 1956 to 1970
  28. Telangana History – 1970 to 2014

Learn complete Telangana History from Ancient Period to Modern Period with MCQ Questions, Bit Bank Series for exams like All TSPSC Exams Group 1, Group 2, Group 2 and Group 4, Telangana State Police recruitments exams Constable to Sub Inspectors, SI, and State PSC’s exams

Complete Telangana History Book Download

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Telangana History

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