Twitter introduces ‘Labels’ for policy violators- Spreading misleading information, hate speech or harmful content

Twitter introduces labels for tweets: Twitter introduced publicly visible labels to tweets that potentially violate their hateful conduct policy. Labels tweets that contain misleading information, hate speech or harmful or misleading content.

A blog post by Twitter says it is an update on their enforcement philosophy of “Freedom of Speech, not Freedom of Reach”. The blog post explains that Twitter follows this principle to limit the visibility of tweets that break their rules, such as hateful conduct, without removing them completely.

Twitter shared sample images of the label in their blog post, how exactly the label looks at the user end. The labels show like a warning message, which specifics the type of violation to the author and the label message will be visible to the author and also other users on the platform.

Twitter says they will not place ads adjacent to labelled content and that authors can submit feedback on the label.

According to our view that this feature is a good way to balance freedom of speech and safety on the platform. It might also help users to be more aware of the policies and the consequences of violating them. 

However, it’s a good way to prevent harmful or misleading content from spreading but in the name of censorship, people’s freedom of speech should not be restricted too much.

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