Warframe: Dante, Inaros Rework, and More Updates Coming Soon

In a recent live stream on Twitch, Digital Extremes, the creators of Warframe, unveiled exciting details about the upcoming Dante Warframe and other imminent updates.The team delved into the specifics of the 56th Warframe, Dante, and also announced a new mission type, an overhaul for Warframe Inaros, and enhancements aimed at improving the player experience. They also shared their plans for the game’s 11th Anniversary and their participation in PAX East next month.

Warframe: Dante, Inaros Rework, and More Updates Coming Soon
Image credit: Digital Extremes

Dante: Master of Reality’s Pages

Dante, the latest addition to the Warframe roster, is a master of reality’s pages. He wields his own Exalted Weapon, a powerful Tome named Noctua, which replaces any currently equipped secondary weapon. Dante can cast Light or Dark Verses to bolster allies’ maximum health or unleash blood-slashing needles that inflict Slash Damage on nearby enemies.

Warframe: Dante and More Updates Coming Soon
Image credit: Digital Extremes

The sequence of abilities used alters the ultimate finishing ability, Final Verse, either providing allies with their own limited run copies of Noctua or summoning Paragrimms, giant owl-like creatures, to aid in battle.

Deep Archimedea: A New Challenge

Deep Archimedea, the latest mission type, combines three different existing mission types that must be completed sequentially without breaks. The composition of Deep Archimedea will rotate every week, presenting endless challenges and some of the most rewarding in-game prizes.

Loot Goblin: A New Adversary

A new enemy faction, Murmur, introduces the loot goblin Gruzzling. Players can defeat Gruzzling to claim a bundle of valuable items. Additionally, new weapons will be available in the Entrati Disruption mission, ARMATUS, including the melee fist weapon, Ruvox, and the secondary arm-cannon, Onos.

Inaros: A Fresh Rework

Inaros, the living sandstorm Warframe, undergoes a significant rework to gain a more engaging passive ability, guaranteed status effect triggers, and overall changes to his base kit.

The Scarab Armor mechanic is now its own ability, Devour is replaced with an improved Sandstorm with faster summoning and movement speeds, and the Scarab Swarm ultimate now has a chance to summon sandy allies into battle.

PAX East 2024: Meet the Dev Team

The next Devstream will be held in-person at PAX East, where attendees can meet the dev team and Ben Starr, the lead voice of Arthur in the upcoming Warframe: 1999.

The PAX Edition Devstream will be broadcast live on both PAX and Warframe Twitch channels on Friday, March 22 at 3 p.m. ET. Major announcements celebrating 11 years of Warframe, including future story developments, will be revealed at the event.


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